Go! K-Jjajang is a Korean Chinese jjajangmyeon specialty restaurant serving unique tangsuyuk, shrimp toast & more

by Christabel Tan

Oh, the joys of jjajangmyeon. I love having more speciality jjajangmyeon restaurants to choose from — the more the merrier. If you, like me, crave for the iconic Korean-Chinese dish a little too often, Go! K-Jjajang in Telok Ayer is one such place worth checking out.

Photos: Go! K-JJAJANG

Helmed by Chef Choi Chil Sung who has over 20 years of experience cooking Chinese cuisine, Go! K-Jjajang in Amoy Street is the sister restaurant of Go! K-BBQ. You can expect top-quality Korean Chinese fare in generous sharing portions with lunch deals for those working in the area.

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Naturally, the Go K Jjajang (S$14), or the restaurant’s signature jjajangmyeon, takes centre stage — chewy noodles tossed in a delectable black bean sauce chock full of meat and onions.

There’s even a spicy version at S$15 for those who like it hot.

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You might be tempted to just order a serving of jjajangmyeon and the standard Go K Tangsuyuk (S$28), Korea’s version of sweet & sour pork.

However, the restaurant also offers the unique Guangdong Tangsuyuk (S$28) and Gochoo Maneul Tangsuyuk (S$33), tangsuyuk with chilli and spicy garlic respectively. The latter is topped with garlic chips, chopped garlic, and different types of chilli padi — a very fusion amalgamation of flavours.

As a matter of fact, don’t sleep on the other ala carte dishes (kinda like Korean zi char) on the extensive menu.

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For starters and snacks, you’ve got the likes of Menbocha (S$18), or fried shrimp toast, popularised by Korean celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok, and Yangjangpi (S$35), seafood and vegetables in mustard sauce.

Heartier mains include Kkanpunggi (S$38), deep-fried chicken in hot pepper sauce, Cream Joongha Saeu (S$42), fried shrimp in cream sauce, and Go K Bokkeumbap (S$14), fried rice with pork and black bean sauce. I do love the sound of that.

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Although the Haemul Jjamppong (S$18) would be your best bet if you’re craving something hot and soupy, the lesser known Samsun Nooroongji Tang (S$38), or scorched rice soup, might just do the trick.

Go! K-Jjajang labels itself as “the best Korean restaurant in Singapore” on social media — you can be the judge of that.

Go! K-Jjajang
Facebook | Instagram
📍 80 Amoy St, Singapore 069899
🕒 11.30am–3pm, 5.30pm–10.30pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

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