Jeong’s Jjajang is a Korean-owned business selling authentic S$8 jjajangmyeon & crispy tangsuyuk

by Christabel Tan

I was first introduced to the wonderful world of jjajangmyeon after watching the iconic Korean drama Coffee Prince. Since then, nothing has ever been the same. Chewy noodles coated in jjajang (fried chunjang) with diced pork and vegetables —- it’s a dish I turn to whenever I’m in need of comfort food

Here’s a piece of good news for me and other noodle enthusiasts — joining the small (but growing) pool of affordable jjajangmyeon joints in Singapore is Jeong’s Jjajang in Bukit Merah.

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Previously a delivery-only concept operating in Tampines North, Jeong’s Jjajang can now be found at the 161 Bukit Merah Central coffeeshop.

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With the aim to bring “authentic Korean-Chinese cuisine from Daegu to Seoul to you”, the stall specialises in three popular dishes — jjajangmyeon, jjampong, and tangsuyuk — all freshly cooked to order by a native Korean chef.

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You can’t visit without trying the signature Jjajangmyeon (S$8), which boasts a thick, savoury jjajang and fresh noodles. According to reviews, Jeong’s Jjajang’s rendition of the iconic Korean noodle dish is prepared sans minced meat. There is no information as to whether the dish is vegetarian-friendly, so do check with the stall owners beforehand.

Larger groups (or folks with big appetites) can go for the Jaengbanijjajang (S$20) or Jaengbanjjampong (S$24 for 2 pax), while less indulgent options include Soondubu Soup (S$9), Jjampong (S$10), and the non-spicy Baekjjampong (S$10).

Photos: @the_xw/instagram

Don’t forget to order the Tangsuyuk (S$12), Korean sweet and sour pork served with a syrupy, mildly tangy sauce on the side. You can either dip the chunks of crispy battered pork into the sauce or pour it all over. Either way, there’s nothing like tucking into hot and crispy tangsuyuk fresh from the fryer, so don’t opt for takeaway.

Contrary to popular belief, eating jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk does not warrant a special occasion like Korea’s “Black Day” or moving into a new home. Those who live in or near Bukit Merah should themselves lucky — they can enjoy these delighful dishes anytime they want!

Jeong’s Jjajang
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3749 Singapore, Singapore 510161
???? 11am–9.30pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

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