Coast down the off-islands on a bicycle with Gogreen’s pop-up bicycle rental store

by Vivian Ng

It’s been a long time since our last travel trip. Even though city borders remain out of bounds, we’re still able to savour the local sights and scenery that the shorelines of Singapore’s Southern Islands has to offer. But if walking seems like too much of a hassle, here’s an alternative — casual biking across the islands is made convenient with GoGreen Bicycle Rental, a new pop-up bicycle rental store.

New pop-up bicycle rental store

No more carrying your bicycles around town — this new pop-up rental store breeds an alternative for casual cyclists. GoGreen Bicycle Rental offers bicycle rental, two-wheel step pedals, and beach tents so you can have the best time of your life marvelling at the breathtaking scenery.

GoGreen’s rental bicycles and step pedals


Green trails and nature paths are aplenty at our local sanctuaries, making it a great place for scenic lovers. With the GoGreen bicycle rental, it’s easier to travel from one end of the island to another so you can maximise your exploration on your getaways. Feel the wind in your hair as you ride down the carefree roads bridging between St John’s Island and Lazarus Beach.


For those feeling adventurous, the 2-wheels step pedals from GoGreen are also a great alternative to try something new. Though they do not come with seats, the speed and excitement will outbeat any tiredness you may feel. These mobility devices are perfect for short-distance travel over a shorter period of time.

Gogreen tents for rent


GoGreen Tents are available for rent if you’re all about the laid-back life and wish to stay under the shade to chill. It’s a chore to bring your own massive-sized tents, but with these water-proof rental tents, you can have a break with your loved ones while overlooking the vast blue oceans — without having to lug the tents back home.

St John and Lazarus Island


Known for its crystal blue ocean that extends far and beyond the horizon, St John Island is no stranger to Singaporeans. A weekend retreat here accompanied by soft breeze and gentle fresh air is great for the mind and body.


Lazarus Island is not too shabby either. With golden rays bouncing off the sandy white beach, you’ll be transported to fond memories of sandy landmarks like Bali and Gold Coast. This makes a great photo spot with plenty of warm light that would leave your friends envious of your Instagram feed.

This rental store will be around for 3 months only, so don’t miss out!

If you’re planning to rent the above items for your weekend getaway, you can book them in advance here. For more outing ideas, you can also check out our article on 12 places that are open till late evening for a weeknight date.

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