8 things to do at the newly-reopened i12 Katong, including spin class & trying vegan ice cream

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When i12 Katong mall shuttered for renovation in 2020, Easties in the area were sad to see their neighbourhood mall go. After the much-anticipated wait however, the mall is back in business, and better than ever. From a myriad of gastronomic choices to various avenues to work up a sweat and keep fit, here are 8 interesting things you can do at the mall if you’re taking a trip down or in the area for dinner.

1. Savour some vegan ice cream at Kind Kones

Photo: @kindkones_sg/instagram

Take a temporary departure from dairy and give vegan ice cream a try instead. Free from dairy, egg, refined sugar, and other artificial additives, Kind Kones, as its name suggests, is kind to your gut and your skin. Ditch the usual calorie-laden dessert and indulge guilt-free with a whole range of healthy alternatives to end off the evening with.

2. Sweat it out at Absolute You

i12 katong
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This may or not may not come biased, seeing as how I’m a member of Absolute Cycle and I go for spin classes thrice a week with them. The Absolute You studio in i12 Katong, much like the one at The Centrepoint, offers not only rhythm cycling classes but also pilates reformer sessions for some good ol’ core strengthening.

3. Makan at Malaysa Boleh!

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For a meal that packs a flavourful punch without breaking the bank, Malaysia Boleh! offers the well-known Penang Jalan Cheong Fatt Tze prawn noodles soup, Petaling Street famous claypot rice, Klang Bak Kut Teh, and more that’ll satisfy the pickiest of palates. If you’re not travelling across the border anytime soon, this might serve as a quick fix for those cravings.

4. Snag some Japanese groceries at J-mart

Photo: @jmartsg/instagram

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate Japanese products — after all, what’s not to love about consciously-packaged, well thought-out goods that look almost too good to be eaten? Boasting a wide range of dry, chilled, and frozen foods, J-mart is your go-to source for fresh Japanese food and groceries to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

5. Enjoy a me-day at Am Cosset

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Specialising in Korean nail art, eyelash extension, and eyebrow embroidery services, Am Cosset is perfect for a self-love day to unwind and doll yourself up on your off day. The salon uses only organic, non-toxic products, so you can take comfort in the knowledge that whatever that’s going onto your face is only of the best quality, and kind to the environment, at that.

6. Shop consciously at Scoop Wholefoods

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Photo: @scoopwholefoodssingapore/facebook

With a minimal waste philosophy, you’ll be able to shop for only what you need at Scoop Wholefoods when you purchase your ingredients by the weight. From nut butters and house made organic shampoos, to granolas and loose leaf teas, you’ll find just about anything you need for a wellness day at home. Don’t forget to bring along your jars and containers to store your groceries, and your own tote bags to bring home your shopping for the day too.

7. Scale indoor walls at Climb Central

Photo: @ClimbCentral/facebook

Speaking of exercise, perhaps you might want to try your hand at indoor rock climbing instead, if cardio or toning isn’t your thing. In the comfort of an air-conditioned setting, this strength-based activity at Climb Central will have you figuring out the best route for your climb as you go along, honing both your physical strength and mental wit.

8. Catch a film at Golden Village

i12 katong
Photo: Golden Village

Those who remember the OG i12 Katong Shopping Mall will know that there used to be a small Golden Village cinema on the highest floor. I, for one, had my last memory of the place watching The Avengers in that very cinema after school with my first boyfriend when I was 16, but we don’t talk about that any more. Anyway, in light of the reopened theatre in the revamped mall, here’s to more of the silver screen in the Katong ‘hood.

Find the full list of i12 Katong stores here.

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