Kujaku Yaki’s Japanese buffet has free-flow abalone, wagyu beef cubes & sashimi for S$38++

by Evan Mua
kujaku yaki singapore buffet

Japanese cuisine has such a wide variety to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to decide. If you’re one of those who always can’t decide on whether to indulge in some smoky yakiniku or thicc slices of sashimi, then Kujaku Yaki’s Japanese BBQ Buffet was made for you.

Opened by the same people behind the popular Three Peacocks, this new buffet spot just popped up recently in Queenstown, right next to that iconic McDonald’s in the Japanese-style pavilion perched over a pond.

kujaku yaki singapore buffet

You can pick between the cosy inside seating or the airier alfresco area that also has a stronger sense of serenity, surrounded by the gorgeous Japanese garden.

Kujaku Yaki’s greatest draw is their wide range of items including more than 10 different cuts of meat — both marinated and un-marinated — for you to smoke on the grill, fuelled by quality binchotan.

kujaku yaki singapore buffet

While they specialise in BBQ, you can also find quite a myriad of other ala carte items including sashimi and cooked items such as gyoza and yakisoba. Not to mention free-flow quality seafood items like abalone — all these from just S$38++ (check out the prices at the end).

It’s probably easy to over-order with the seemingly limitless choices here but diners should note that there’s a time limit for your buffet sessions here!

As with most casual Yakiniku diners nowadays, Kujaku Yaki lets the diners grill their own meat at their table for each individual’s personal preference of tenderness.

We have to say, the binchotan really does add a bit more of a richer smoky punch to the meats! While they have many interesting cuts including marinated Honey Garlic Pork Belly and Shoyu Sake Chicken, our favourites were the un-marinated meats, especially the immensely tender Wagyu Beef Cubes.

Make sure you just give it a quick sear on all sides then quickly pop it into your mouth for a luscious burst of beefy richness.

kujaku yaki singapore buffet

That said, remember to save for stomach space for Kujaku Yaki’s seafood items too, which turn out equally as delicious with a kiss of smoke from the grill. In particular, the headliner of free-flow Baby Abalone is sure to make most people eyes pop out.

Honestly, while they weren’t bad with some cheese, they aren’t my go-to seafood item here, as baller as it sounds. Each diner is also entitled to 6 Stone Crab Claws — great news if you’re a fan of luxurious crustacean sweetness.

kujaku yaki singapore buffet

If there’s one thing you must order from Kujaki Yaki’s buffet menu, it’s these Cheese Scallops. Bouncy and succulent with a blanket of rich oozy cheese — these are simple but absolutely decadent.

We think there aren’t many better combos out there than melted cheese and seafood, so we tried to dunk even more cheese sauce onto it for maximum cheesy bliss. If you’re a cheese hoe like us, you’d love it.

kujaku yaki singapore buffet

If Kujaku Yaki’s free-flow abalone wasn’t enough to make you feel like a baller, you should top-up S$10 for their Lobster Tail. With some umami mentaiko sauce and gooey cheese, you’d definitely feel like a king when you dig out all of its flavoursome flesh.

Each diner is only entitled to 1 lobster tail and it’s only available during dinner time.

If you’re taking a break from the BBQ items, you can also go for their Sashimi platter that features generous thick cuts. But I’d say it’s better to save room for their speciality BBQ items.

Then when you’re done with everything you can end off with some ice cream which includes flavours such as Chocolate, Rum & Raisin, Vanilla, Thai Milk Tea, Taro, and Durian.

The prices for Kujaku Yaki’s Japanese BBQ buffet are as follows:

Lunch (Mon–Sun)Dinner (Mon–Thu)Dinner (Fri–Sun)

There is a time limit of 100 mins for 1 to 3 pax, and 120 mins for 4 to 5 pax. And if you have kids who are 6 years and below, they get to dine free! You can make a reservation at 81802370 or 88757872.

Kujaku Yaki Japanese BBQ Buffet
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???? 580 Queensway Road, #01-02, Singapore 149066
????️ Lunch: 12:30pm–2:30pm, Dinner: 5pm–1pm (Tue to Sun)

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