Lai Lim Bistro at Jurong East is a carnival-themed bar inspired by Jay Chou

by Evan Mua
lai lim bistro jay chou singapore

We’ve all had fantasies of opening a cafe or restaurant centred around our favourite idols, be it Hollywood eye candy or glamorous Kpop stars. But to actually do it? The owner of Lai Lim Bistro at Jurong East is someone who dared to make their dream a reality and paying homage to Jay Chou.

We all have friends who are obsessed with Jay Chou, growing up with the pop singer serenading them through all their heartbreaks with his timeless hits.

So it’s not a surprise to see his dedicated fans styling their unique bar with his pictures and naming drinks after his songs.

lai lim bistro jay chou singapore
Photo: Lai Lim Bistro

If you’re a fan of Jay Chou like the owner of Lai Lim Bistro, you might find yourself at home with the spirit of Jay Chou lingering in the air. You get very whimsical and playful vibes from the neon-lit carnival theme that throws back to his more colourful works in recent years.

The most striking fixtures in the bistro are the red and blue “Roller Coaster” booths, which are by far the most popular seats in the house.

They’re so popular that there’s a 90-minute limit, so it will be smart to call in and grab a reservation ahead of time — you can do that via WhatsApp at 8870 6648

lai lim bistro jay chou singapore
Photo: @cafehoppingkids/instagram

The Jay Chou mania doesn’t just end at the decor, because Lai Lim Bistro’s menu features 16 signature cocktails (S$22) inspired by Jay Chou’s hottest hits. You’d even find the cocktail menu booklet tucked inside a CD case — how old school.

You can find drinks named after popular songs such as “Worldly Tavern” (红尘客栈) which comes in a rustic Chinese wine barrel, “Blue and White Porcelain” (青花瓷) that strangely doesn’t come in a vase, and “Rainbow” (彩虹) which is a vibrant medley of 3 colours.

lai lim bistro jay chou singapore
Photo: Lai Lim Bistro

Other boozy options include the IG-worthy Rainbow Ferris 12 shots (S$98) loaded with 30ml shots including vodka, tequila, and white rum.

Or if you’re good at chess, destroy your friends and make them glug down all of the 15ml of vodka sour plum shots in the Chess 32 shots (S$108) .

Photo: @cafehoppingkids/instagram

For the teetotalers, you can also head down for a hearty S$6.50 set lunch available every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 11am to 2pm. You can get a choice of their comforting local food including their Signature Char Kway Tiao, Signature Hor Fun, Fried Rice, Fried Bee Hoon, and Hokkien Mee.

Lai Lim Bistro
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???? 2 Venture Dr, #02-33 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
????️ 5pm–11pm (Tues), 11am–2pm (Wed–Fri), 11am–10:30pm (Sat–Sun)

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