Lalang Bar serves aesthetic Chinese-inspired cocktails like Moutai shooters, Baijiu bundles & more for a dangerously good time at Mohamed Sultan Road


Being an avid fan of Chinese period dramas, I’ve always admired the elegant and detailed aesthetic of ancient China. Whether you simply enjoy a good cocktail, or if you enjoy Chinese period type vibes (Yanxi Palace, anyone?), Lalang bar at Mohamed Sultan Road will be totally up your alley.

lalang bar singapore mohamed sultan road
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The bar itself is super IG and TikTok-worthy, with stylistic red neon signs and rows of alcohol displayed behind the bar. It almost reminds one of a traditional Chinese medicine shop where all the different medicinal wines and herbs are displayed behind the counter.

And the interior isn’t the only thing that’s inviting about Lalang bar. The drinks and vibes are A-plus as well. Not only are these some of the most beautiful cocktails I’ve seen, but they also have pleasantly unique flavours as well. Let the regular gin and tonics and whiskey sours sit this one out while we get into some of the interesting drinks at Lalang bar.

lalang bar lilac dream mohamed sultan road singapore
Photo: Lalang Bar

A dangerous marriage of lavender and Moutai, the Lilac Dream is one of the bar’s most popular drinks. The drink itself is a psychedelic shade of purple with an ice pagoda tower sitting in it making for a drink that not only tastes good but looks good as well.

lalang bar singapore mohamed sultan road baijiu bundle
Photo: Lalang Bar

To kick off a real party, the bar also serves Moutai shooters in mini Chinese wine jars that we often see on some of the period and Wuxia dramas on Channel 8 when we were younger. Proceed with caution though, these Moutai shooters have been described as ‘deadly’ — and these are just a couple of examples of the potent and creative drinks that the bar offers. They also have Baijiu bundles served in blue and white china porcelain, cocktails served with Pixiu ice, and the list goes on.

bar bites crispy salted egg lotus root grilled skewers
Photo: Lalang Bar

To satisfy your munchies, Lalang bar also serves a variety of Chinese and Thai-inspired bar bites and even sweet treats to satisfy your cravings in every way possible. Some of the more popular dishes include their Crispy Salted Egg Lotus Root enlivened with fragrant curry leaves and chilli padi, a myriad of savoury grilled skewers as well as Spicy Chicken with dried chilli and more. 

bar bites dessert strawberries cream mochi charcoal waffle
Photo; Lalang Bar

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you’ll love their Strawberries Cream Mochi Charcoal Waffles as well as the Brown Butter Purple Sweet Potato Liu Sha Mochi Blondie with salted egg yolk filling. As a fan of Asian desserts, I’ll definitely be going for some of these treats when I get a hankering in the middle of a gathering. It’s also quite a nice touch as there aren’t many bars around that serve desserts like this.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already rounding up my drinking kakis to visit this bar after work.

Lalang Bar
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???? 7 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238957
???? 5pm–12am (Tue to Sun, closed on Mon)

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