Waterway Point has a Taiwan Night Market with over 10 stalls featuring unique Taiwanese street eats, live music & more from now till 12 May 2024

by Marcus Leong

Ahh Taiwan, the land of night markets, bubble tea and some of the yummiest street snacks. Well, if you don’t have any plans to visit Taiwan anytime soon, you can still enjoy a little taste of it here at Waterway Point

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The Taiwan Night Market at Waterway Point is taking place from now until 12 May 2024, featuring over 10 stalls ranging from local favourites to uniquely Taiwanese treats and so much more! 

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Some stalls you can look forward to include fluffy souffle pancakes, ice cream rolls, Taiwan fried egg pancake and hotplate prawn paste amongst others. Unfortunately there will not be any stinky tofu — sorry to all the stinky tofu lovers. 

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What is Taiwan best known for apart from bubble tea? Crispy XXL chicken cutlet, and of course there is a booth here that sells just that. There’s even different flavours like sesame, honey glazed chicken cutlet, and salted crispy chicken. Prices for these start from S$5.50. 

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Barbecued king oyster mushrooms have pretty much become quite the staple at any night market in Singapore, and since this one is a Taiwanese-themed night market, of course you can find this quintessential Taiwanese snack here too. As someone who doesn’t exactly love king oyster mushrooms, this one is growing on me. 

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You can also expect to find some uniquely Taiwanese treats here like the mochi with creamy cheese sauce. You can choose from flavours ranging from black sesame, purple sweet potato, oreo and more. Prices start from S$6 for four pieces

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Make sure to stop by Bung! Lemon Tea for some refreshing hand smashed lemon tea drinks. Fun fact: all the drinks are made fresh to order and contain bitter gourd bits. But, don’t worry, you won’t be able to taste the bitter gourd unless you eat the bits. Sounds intriguing. 

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There’s also live music from local buskers like Jeff Ng and Cloud & Party taking place on 10 and 11 May at 7pm. Make sure to save the date if you wanna catch them singing live! 

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This Taiwan night market couldn’t come at a better time, especially since I’ve been itching to go! But alas, since that won’t be happening anytime soon, at least I can take comfort in these street snacks for now. 

Are you ready to take your tummies on a food tour at this Taiwan night market? 

Taiwan Night Market @ Waterway Point 
📍 83 Punggol Central, Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
🗓 now till 12 May 2024

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