Milan Shokudo is a casual Muslim-friendly diner with Saizeriya-style Japanese-Italian fusion mains from S$4.90 & free-flow drinks

by Christabel Tan

You’d be hard-pressed to find mains under S$8 these days. I mean, in this economy?

But now, Bishan is the place to be for affordable eats, thanks to the opening of Japanese-Italian fusion casual dining concept Milan Shokudo in Junction 8.

milan shokudo
Photo: @milanshokudo/instagram

The restaurant is kind of like the “Muslim-friendly version of Saizeriya“, given that they have a very similiar menu with dishes ranging from pasta to pizza, doria, and grill items, all of which are prepared without pork or lard. Do note that they are in the process of obtaining halal-certification!

Photo: @milanshokudo/instagram

All menu items are also affordably priced from S$4.90.

The doria (Japanese rice gratin) category will perhaps ring a bell for many. The all-too-familiar Milanese Doria (S$8.90) is joined by hearty offerings like the Seafood Milanese Doria (S$12.90), Chicken Meatball Demi “Glazed” Doria (S$10.90), and an interesting Beef Keema Curry Doria (S$8.90).

Photo: Kimleng Ong/google images

However, Japanese flavours take center stage here, with options like the Scallop Mentai Doria (S$14.90) and even a Takoyaki Doria (S$10.90) topped with actual takoyaki and mayonnaise.

Photo: @milanshokudo/instagram

You can also find an extensive selection of pizzas; we forsee the Truffle Cream Pizza (S$10.90), Quattro Cheese Pizza (S$8.90), and Smoked Duck Bismarck Pizza (S$10.90) becoming crowd favourites.

Don’t overlook the wackier Japanese-inspired creations like the Corn Mayonnaise Pizza (S$6.90), Salmon Cream Pizza (S$12.90), and Takoyaki Pizza (S$12.90) — why not try something different, for a change?

milan shokudo
Photo: Akio/google images

Of course, feel free to keep it simple with a classic no-frills Margherita Pizza (S$4.90) if you like.

Photo: @milanshokudo/instagram

The restaurant prides itself on serving hand-made pasta from S$5.90, so take your pick from pasta options like the Japanese Clam Pasta (S$5.90), Smoked Duck Carbonara (S$10.90), Truffle Cream Pasta (S$10.90), and Squid Ink Pasta with Scallop (S$9.90).

You also get the option of adding on S$1 for a Poached Egg, because it’s hard to say no to extra creamy goodness.

milan shokudo
Photo: @milanshokudo/instagram

Lastly, the “Grill” category, which is pretty straightforward, features staples like Demi-Glaced Hamburg (Chicken & Beef), Tomato Cheese Chicken (S$8.90), and Cream Salmon (S$19.90).

Also, don’t miss out on the assorted sides (hello, Garlic Focaccia) and free-flow drinks (S$3.90 per pax) like coffee, soda, and Milo.

Photo: @milanshokudo/instagram

Will you be heading to Junction 8 to try these unique and wallet-friendly Japanese-Italian dishes?

Milan Shokudo
???? 9 Bishan Place , Junction 8, #02-34/35 35A, 579837
???? 11.30am–10pm (Daily)

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