The popular scantily dressed Thai hunks will be back in Singapore permanently at this mookata restaurant in Tanglin with buffet menu, lala hotpot & more

by Marcus Leong

Singaporeans have a strong affinity with Thailand. We love the food, the shopping, massages, and even the siam dius (or Thai discos). Apart from these, Bangkok is also home to the popular Sathanee Mee Hoi — the restaurant best known for their hunky and scantily clad waiters. It is truly an experience if you’ve ever visited. 

Photo: Mr Mookata/facebook

But if you haven’t visited the restaurant, boy do we have good news for you. Thanks to the last time they were in Singapore, the hunks have now decided to return — hooray! And this time, they’re gonna be setting up a permanent Mookata restaurant in Singapore — a double win for us.

Photo: @mrmookataplussg/instagram

Mr Mookata Plus will be the first “Thai Hot Guys” mookata joint in Singapore. And yes, they’ll be bringing their itsy bitsy lingerie, and all their racy dance moves to Singapore. Time to slip into something a little more comfortable to party with these hunkies. 

Photo: @mrmookataplussg/instagram

The new space located along Tanglin Road at Phoenix Park and yes, you can definitely expect to be served by the hunks themselves — both looks and food.

Although, the hunky waiters will be a little bit more covered up — think crop tops, tank tops, short skirts and even silky pyjamas. But don’t worry, the sensual dance moves will still be there.

Photo: @mrmookataplussg/instagram

Compared to the previous pop-up, the new space is more spacious — which means more people can enjoy the Thai hunks dancing around them while they dine. There’s also a spacious al fresco dining area with vibey fairy lights to set the mood.

Photo: @mrmookataplussg/instagram

Food-wise, you can expect to feast on Thai mookata paired with yummy marinated meats, seafood, MAMA tom yum noodles, and house-made Thai chilli sauces. What’s new on the menu is this time they also have the popular Lala hotpot here too! A hearty meal with a show? Yes please.

Mr Mookata Plus’ buffet prices start from S$29.90 with unlimited food items and drinkssuper value for money. You can also add-on dishes like meats, seafood, veggies and more from just S$1.70 each.

Photo: @mrmookataplussg/instagram

Mr Mookata Plus will be having their grand opening on 3 to 5 May 2024, during which the entire team from Thailand’s Sathaneemeenoi will be in Singapore — yes, all 10 of the hunks. Following the opening launch, six of the hunks will remain in Singapore permanently, with more to join the crew along the way. The best part, they’re open till 1am daily — perfect for TGIF celebrations!

If you wanna secure your slot, reservations can be made via WhatsApp. Otherwise, walk-ins are also accepted.

Are you looking for a happy ending to your week? Let these Thai Hot Guys do the job!

Mr Mookata Plus
📍 320 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247980
🕑 4pm—1am, Daily

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