Museum of Ice Cream releases more tickets for September 2021

by Natalie Lim

Tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream in the opening month of August sold out within 48 hours after its release. If you’re one of the unlucky ones that did not manage to snag a ticket, here’s another opportunity for you.

The Museum of Ice Cream has released more tickets for the month of September, so fastest fingers first.

Prices for the tickets start from S$38 per person and you can purchase them here.

Admission for kids aged two and below is free.

This will be their first launch outside of the United States, and its location is set at Dempsey, a property occupying 60,000 sq. ft. Here are some pictures, so you’ll know what to expect.

Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of ice cream 1
Photo: instagram/@sophielovecolour

Museum of Ice Cream is also dubbed as the OG Instagram haven, and this rainbow corridor contributes to the name. Not everyone’s a fan of all things pretty and pink, but it sure is tempting to strike a pose and take a picture for the ‘gram here.

Museum of ice cream 2

The most iconic installation in the exhibition would be the Sprinkle Pool, though. It’s one thing to be described as sweet but right here, you’ll be a hot, sugary mess.

The sprinkle pool that’ll be featured in Singapore is said to be the largest to date and we pray that it comes complete with diving boards, balls to throw around and a slide to glide on — a childhood fantasy begging to come alive. 

Museum of ice cream 3
Photo: instagram/@pinkisthelabel

If SMRT hired MTV’s Pimp My Ride, this is what our train cabins would look like. In Museum of Ice Cream, an entire cabin is splashed with pastel pink and even the handlebars aren’t spared. We envision a load of couple shots that can be taken here — the only chance for you and bae to PDA (Public Display of Affection).

Photo: instagram/@hiddengemslens

The Minions from Despicable Me would go absolutely bananas over this exhibit. For something completely over the top, here’s a room filled with thousands of bananas.

Photo: instagram/@stephs_ph

The place is called Museum of Ice Cream, so it’ll be a hoax if it doesn’t actually offer ice cream. In New York, food samples are peppered all over the gallery. Whether it’s ice cream, chocolate or even sweets that you’re craving, they have it all.

Here’s to hoping that the one in Singapore would do New York’s justice.

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