Nelly’s Retro Snacks is where you can get hundreds of old-school snacks from childhood

by Evan Mua
nelly's retro snacks

Remember when you were a kid and you’d always stop by the Mamak shop after school to grab a bunch of snacks for the walk home? Those were the good times but sadly, those Mamak shops are all but gone nowadays. That’s why the child in me lit up when I heard about Nelly’s Retro snacks.

This shop located in Yishun Junction 9 is packed to the brim with hundreds of retro snacks that will give you a nostalgia trip. Walking into the store was like walking down memory lane, spotting all my childhood favourites.

nelly's retro snacks yishun

Right as I stepped in, my attention was quickly captured by Nelly’s Retro Snack’s sprawling shelves of metal tins, filled with biscuits that I haven’t seen in years.

There were Wafers (S$1.20/100g) in every colour imaginable, fiery Tapioca Chips (S$1.50/100g), melt-in-mouth Xiao Man Tou (S$1.50/100g), and most importantly — my first love Iced Gem Biscuits (S$1.20/100g).

I could already taste the blissful sweetness just by looking at the vibrantly-hued icing on top. That’s why I quickly got some before I moved on.

nelly's retro snacks yishun

After I finished devouring all the biscuits with my eyes, I walked into an area in Nelly’s Retro Snacks that had a goodie-filled shelf of candy and a section of assorted sweets which you can Pick and Mix. Brings me back to after-school trips to popular shops like Mini Toons.

It’s a buffet consisting of Mentos, Yupi gummies of every kind, those Coca-Cola Tablets, and other classics like Airheads. Everything was displayed in a very familiar mamak shop style configuration that made me seriously miss my childhood.

nelly's retro snacks yishun

Another interesting find was this old-school 7-eleven glass case that housed cups of the addictive seafood-flavoured Craze Hottis (S$2.50/cup). Nelly’s Retro Snacks is really full of easter eggs at every corner

This was a classic that was swarmed with kids at any 7-Eleven stall that had a school nearby. It was eventually removed from 7-Eleven stores, so imagine my (pleasant) surprise to run into one of these here.

After I was done browsing, this caught my eye right as I exited the store with my tasty loot — gashapon machines! In the same bright-coloured plastic casings no less, just like the old days.

So if you’re looking for a blast to the past or just wanna escape your adult responsibilities (like I do), Nelly’s Retro Snacks will give you all the deja vu you need as you spot all your childhood favourites.

But if you’re a responsible adult (unlike me) and are too busy to make a trip down, their snacks are also available for online delivery. Just a few iced gems can’t hurt my diet… right?

Nelly’s Retro Snacks (Yishun Junction 9)
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