Uncle Ringo now open at Punggol, has pirate ship, carousel rides & a dinosaur park

by Natalie Lim

Uncle Ringo has reopened for business and is now situated at 50 Punggol East. It’ll be there every Thursday to Sunday, from 5pm to 9pm. 

Due to the pandemic, Singapore’s very own heartland carnival had to cease operations in March 2020. Sure, other theme park attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore were still available, but nothing could ever take the place of the funfair that was a huge part of our childhoods.

The fair is usually found at pasar malams, but since the night markets will not be returning anytime soon, Uncle Ringo has opened a ‘permanent’ carnival from now till the end of 2021

With rides, prize catchers and even workshops, that’ll be the place to go for a family’s day out.

Uncle Ringo carnival activities 

uncle ringo 1
*Photo was taken pre-covid
Photo: instagram/@uncleringoclub

Some of us were born for adventure and simply cannot lay off the thrill rides. At Uncle Ringo, you can expect to see favourites such as the Pirate Ship, Carousel and Ferris Wheel.

Whether you’re 12 or 22, everyone knows that sitting on the highest tier of the Pirate Ship gives you more “oomph”

uncle ringo 2
Photo: Uncle Ringo

For something slower-paced, there’s also a colourful carousel that’ll let children play pretend that they’re knights or princesses

uncle ringo 3
Photo: Uncle Ringo

There’s also a train ride if you prefer an activity that’s more laid back. 

Photo: Uncle Ringo

But perhaps the most interesting section of the Uncle Ringo carnival is the Dinosaur Park where prehistoric times come to life. Filled with dinosaurs and mythical dragons, tiny palaeontologists will love this place. 

Prize catchers and workshops 

Photo: Uncle Ringo

Though there will not be any game booths, you can try your hand at the prize catchers and bring home an adorable plushie. 

Uncle Ringo will also be holding workshops on the second and third of April. The Diabolo workshop teaches on how to juggle a circus prop, where the object is spun using a string attached to two hand sticks. 

A Plate Spinning workshop is also available, where you can practise your balancing skills by spinning plates, bowls and other flat objects on poles, without them falling off. 

Here are the workshops’ details.

Diabolo Workshop

Plate Spinning Workshop

Per workshop: S$15 (Child), S$25 (Child + Parent)
Bundle (2 workshops): S$27 (Per Child) S$45 (Child + Parent)

To avoid disappointment, register early. 

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