Old Chang Kee is selling limited edition salted egg & yam paste puffs for Mid-Autumn Festival

by Evan Mua
old chang kee salted egg yam'o puff 2021

We all know how much Singaporeans love Salted Egg, while Orh Nee has been on the rise too. As fate will have it, there’s already a traditional snack that perfectly combines the two ingredients — traditional Teochew-style mooncakes. And Old Chang Kee is putting a spin on that with their Salted Egg Yam’O puffs, available until 21 September.

Like with the classic Teochew-style Mooncakes, each piece of puff is filled with smooth yam paste and a deep-orange chunk of salted egg yolk. But instead of the flaky layers, you will be biting into Old Chang Kee’s signature airy puff pastry for a nice mix of textures.

Photo: Old Chang Kee Singapore

So in a way, it’s a mooncake puff. But hey, Old Chang Kee’s puff pastry works with almost anything so I can see the luscious yam paste and umami salted egg yolk pairing well with it. And well, you really can’t go wrong with orh nee and salted egg.

Old Chang Kee had released the Salted Egg Yam’O Puffs last year as well, but the 2021 version is stamped with a red “福” character which is an auspicious symbol for good luck, making this a great casual gift to relatives and family friends.

Photo: @eatnowburnnexttime/instagram

Unlike their iconic curry puffs, these puffs are moulded into a round shape with the edges folded to give it a look of a flower bud with dainty petals at the side.

A single piece of Salted Egg Yam’O Puff goes for S$2.60 at all Old Chang Kee outlets islandwide until Mid-Autumn Festival day itself on 21st September 2021. So you can snag some to snack on too anytime — we love snacking on mooncakes, with or without the full moon.

Photo: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Furthermore, if you’re planning on gifting them to someone, you can get them inside a specially crafted gift design box available exclusively on Old Chang Kee’s Catering website. You can also email [email protected] or call 6555 0055 for more information.

Limited edition Old Chang Kee Salted Egg Yam’O Puffs
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