Here’s where to get affordable orh nee delivery with toppings like mochi, purple sweet potato & pumpkin

by Natalie Lim

Sure, shaved ice, smoked gelato and burnt cheesecakes are fanciful desserts that self-proclaimed dessert lovers swear by. But truth be told, how many of us actually grew our love for sweet courses through these items?

Instead, it was the old-school ice kachang, cheng teng, and traditional orh nee that sparked this passion for treats in us. So if you find yourself craving for a bowl of creamy, luscious orh nee, here’s where to get delivery for it. 

Orhhsome — Orh nee and yam ring delivery

Photo: Orhhsome

Tucked away in a little corner of Singapore is Orhhsome, a store that specialises in traditional yam products such as yam paste and rings. The humble store only has two operating points — a physical outlet at Mandai Link and another at a Hougang residence.

Since 1995, Orhhsome has been catering to tze char stalls, seafood restaurants and hotels — so we wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve unknowingly eaten their dishes before. Now that Singapore is back to Phase 2, they’re open for delivery and takeaways, offering their lovely orh nee to everyone.

orh nee delivery
Photo: Orhhsome

On its menu is the humble Yam Paste with Ginkgo, priced at 250g for S$4.50 and 480g for S$7.50. The 250g easily serves two to three pax, while the 480g serves four to six pax. This breaks down to just S$1.25 per person, which is pretty affordable as compared to outside stalls.

Photo: Orhhsome 

Customer reviews have raved about the yam paste’s rich and thick consistency, having it so smooth that it simply glides down your throat. Toppings such as mochi (S$0.50), gingko (S$1), purple sweet potato (S$2) and pumpkin (S$1) are available, so you can customise the bowl however you want it.

Topped with warm coconut cream, it’s a delectable dessert that all Singaporeans will enjoy.

orh nee delivery
Photo: Orhhsome

But if you’re craving for something with a crispier mouthfeel, their Yam Ring will do just the trick. Priced at S$6.50 for 230g and S$8.50 for 310g, each ring is fried with a crispy thin shell that breaks open to reveal soft, sweet yam. 

These can be eaten on their own or topped with ingredients such as stir-fried lotus root, prawns, nuts, or vegetables of your choice. 

orhsome orh nee delivery
Photo: Orhhsome

For something bite-sized, try the Orhhsome Bites (S$6.50). Packed in a box of 10, the yam samosas are generously filled and perfect for a tea break.

The orh nee delivery is available islandwide at S$8 per location, and there’s a minimum order of S$20. However, the fees are waived for orders above S$100. To save on delivery, you can do self-collection at their Mandai (9am–12pm) or Hougang (9am–8pm) outlet, and walk-ins are also allowed for their Mandai store.

Do take note that the daily cut off for orders is at 10pm and the lead time for delivery is two days after order confirmation.

For your convenience, here’s the delivery form.

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Mandai Link outlet
???? 2 Mandai Link, #02-18, Mandai Link Logistics, Singapore 728664
????️ 9am–12pm (Mon–Sat), Closed Sun

Hougang outlet
???? 421 Hougang Avenue 10, Singapore 530421 (Order online before self-collection)
????️ 9am–8pm (Mon–Sat), Closed Sun

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