There’s a permanent Pasar Malam Corner in Jurong East with our favourite street foods

by Natalie Lim

There’s a permanent Pasar Malam Corner situated at Jurong East selling night market favourites such as Roti John, Takoyaki and Thai Iced Milk Tea. We’ve recently written about the new Ramly Burger stall that has opened in Yishun and Bedok North, but it just gets better.

New Pasar Malam Corner

The COVID-19 pandemic may have taken pasar malams away from us, but our local vendors aren’t backing down without a fight. The newly opened Pasar Malam Corner is situated right beside Jcube and is operated by a woman known as Asnizar.

On 3 February 2021, Asnizar’s daughter tweeted about the store’s opening.

Source: twitter/@Cr0issant7

“Due to covid we’re unable to give u pasar malam but dont worry we will bring pasar malam to u ! so pls come down and support,” she tweeted as @Cr0issant7, sharing photos of the store.

The tweet caught the attention of Singaporean foodies, with some replying that they could finally satisfy their pasar malam cravings. 

Pasar Malam Corner food menu

Pasar Malam Corner 1
Photo: facebook/走, 新加坡

Some of the notable dishes here are, of course, the Ramly Burger (S$4), with a choice of chicken or beef as your protein. The stall also sells Roti John (S$4), a sandwich packed with an omelette, minced chicken, and generous amounts of chilli, ketchup and mayonnaise. 

Pasar Malam Corner 2
Photo: facebook/走, 新加坡

If you’re looking for a light bite, there are also snacks such as Takoyaki (S$3) and Apam Balik, a crispy and fluffy Asian pancake turnover. Flavours include peanut (S$3.50), oreo (S$4), sweet corn (S$4) and more.

Power-packed meals include Nasi Lemak, Mee Soto, Mee Rebus, and Lontong, all priced at an affordable S$3.50.

Photo: twitter/@Cr0issant7

Beverages also include Thai Iced Milk Tea (S$.2.50), Green Tea (S$2.50) and Bandung (S$1.50)— perfect to wash down all that grub.

The next time you’ve night market cravings, Pasar Malam Corner would be the way to go. 

📍135 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-333, Singapore 600135
🗓️ 9am–9pm (Operating days have not been stated)

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