Stirling Steaks buffet promo offers free-flow steaks and meats, now available during dinner for $35

by Evan Mua
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If you’re craving for beef or looking for some protein for the gainz, look no further than the all-you-can-eat Stirling Steaks buffet promo. Nothing quite beats a piece of juicy steak, much less an unlimited supply of it.

“A steak buffet? It must be pretty expensive!” That’s what many would be thinking. But you’d be surprised. The Stirling Steaks steak buffet is very reasonably priced.

Excited to announce new Stirling Steaks Buffet prices and timeslots! 📍Dinner (6-9pm); Monday to Thursday Only:…

Posted by Stirling Steaks on Saturday, 20 March 2021

The status quo was that diners could enjoy a free-flow supply of steak and other unlimited meats for just S$30 during lunch (12pm to 3pm). It’s available daily, whenever you need your steak fix — so like, every day.

But starting last month, the all-you-can-eat Stirling Steaks buffet was made available to all diners even at night at just S$35. However, the dinner buffet will only be available on Mondays to Thursdays 6pm to 9pm.

If you’ve never heard of Stirling Steaks, you’re missing out. Even without their steak buffet, they are still a popular spot for steak lovers in Singapore.

stirling steaks steak buffet
Photo: @stirlingsteaks/instagram

Firstly, their succulent steaks are all grilled over charcoal fire. Not many places go the extra mile to prepare their steaks so meticulously.

Secondly, you can find a good mix of steak cuts on Stirling Steaks’ buffet menu. It’s not just your Ribeyes or Sirloins. You get the thiccc, precious cuts that are less common such as Hanger and Rump.

Not to mention classic cuts like Striploin are available too. Get ready for some beefy indulgence, especially with their special sauce.

stirling steaks buffet all you can eat
Photo: @stirlingsteaks/instagram

Alternatively, you can get other juicy cuts of meat that aren’t beef too. Stirling Steaks’ buffet isn’t just limited to steaks despite the name.

Diners can get some Grilled Shabu Pork, Chicken Thigh, or Dory Filet to break the monotony. Otherwise, Stirling Steaks has Garden Salads and Fries to cleanse the palate of the heavy meaty flavours.

All that, free-flow, just for a low price of S$30. That’s a steal that will make meat lovers lose their minds. So if you’re looking for a great bargain, then head down to Stirling Steaks for their buffet. You can eat all the meat your stomach can take, and even more.

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