This sushi kiosk in the east serves halal sushi in unique flavours like nasi lemak, tom yum chicken, mala & more from just S$1.20

by Marcus Leong

I don’t know about you but I love sushi. It’s the most versatile dish ever and literally anything can be turned into sushi! Don’t believe me? 

Well, then you should check out what Super Sushi has to offer. Think: Nasi Lemak Maki, Mala Chicken Maki, Green Curry Chicken Maki and more. 

Super Sushi
Photo: Super Sushi @ Tampines Mall/google images

Super Sushi is a sushi kiosk located in Tampines Mall, serving up fresh and innovative sushi creations that’ll certainly pique your interest. The sushi are all made with premium Niigata rice that have been dyed red using red vinegar. 

Super Sushi
Photo: @supersushisg/instagram

What also sets Super Sushi apart is that all their sushi are made with fresh ingredients, including the salmon. They also use only halal-certified ingredients, which means everyone can enjoy their yummy sushi! 

And yes, you can expect to find local-inspired flavours like the Nasi Lemak Maki (S$1.80). As odd as it sounds, I’m actually kinda intrigued to see how this holds up. It comprises all the components of the actual nasi lemak, including the cucumber and sambal. 

Photo: @supersushisg/instagram

Another must-try here is the Truffle Bulgogi Beef (S$2.30). I’ve never had truffle sushi or truffle bulgogi beef before, so to see these two merged together is really a first for me.

The fusion continues with the Tom Yum Chicken Maki (S$1.80) — for all the tom yum goong lovers — and the Mala Chicken Maki (S$1.80)

Photo: @supersushisg/instagram

But of course, if you’re not in the mood to experiment, Super Sushi also has a selection of your regular sushi classics like Tuna Mayo (S$1.50), Crabstick Mayo (S$1.20), Tobiko (S$1.50), Ikura (S$1.80) and more. 

As a sushi lover, I have to admit that some of the flavours offered here are very bold yet have me intrigued, wondering what they’ll taste like. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a simple, fuss-free meal, make sure to stop by Super Sushi for some creative sushi creations!

Which sushi are you most interested in? 

Super Sushi
Instagram | TikTok
📍 4 Tampines Central 5, Tampines Mall B1-K4, Singapore 529510
🕑 11am–9pm (Daily)

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