Just opened: Tangled Pasta offers affordable pasta from S$7.90 and lets you DIY your own

by Evan Mua

It’s hard to find good pasta at affordable prices in Singapore. There are decent cheap options like Saizeriya out there but very few for fresh handmade pasta. Thankfully, the newly opened Tangled Pasta is here to buck the trend.

Located at Chinatown Point, this takeaway kiosk sells fresh handmade pasta that starts from just S$7.90. Not only that but they also have DIY options so you can make the perfect pasta to your preferences.

tangled pasta singapore
Photo: Tangled Pasta Singapore

Their pasta is made with all-natural ingredients, without any use of artificial colouring or preservatives. All pasta is made with rich Semolina flour and not just regular white flour.

Tangled claims that their handmade pasta has additional health benefits because of the ingredients used. For example, Semolina is rich in iron, while squid ink helps with blood pressure, and beetroot has anti-cancer properties.

tangled pasta singapore
Photo: Tangled Pasta Singapore

We don’t know know how much the pasta can help support your health but the coloured pasta is definitely an eye-catching departure from your typical yellow egg pasta.

More than just offering one of the most affordable fresh pasta in Singapore, Tangled Pasta also puts creative new spins on classic Italian recipes.

tangled pasta singapore
Photo: Tangled Pasta Singapore

There’s a pretty wide selection of premade classic combos with quirky names such as Spaghetti Meet Balls (S$7.90), Creamy Chicky (S$8.90), Truffle Shuffle Shrooms ($8.90), Pesto Besto (S$$10.90), and Moo Ragu (S$11.90).

But if you prefer something with a bit more of an Asian flair, there’s the Pinky Promise (S$11.90) which is a vibrant pink dish of beetroot pappardelle cooked in mentaiko sauce and topped with salmon.

Besides that, there’s also a very unique Mango Tango (S$9.90). We’re talking a squid ink spaghetti done aglio e olio style than topped with tangy mango salsa.

tangled pasta singapore
Photo: @thegluttonproject/instagram

If you want to let your creativity loose, you can try your hand at building your own at Tangled Pasta. Pick and choose from a choice of sauce, pasta, protein and any add-ons.

Pasta bases include varieties like spaghetti, pappardelle, and fusilli which come in regular egg, squid ink, beetroot, spinach or mushroom variations. They can be dressed in sauces including tomato, pesto and mentaiko.

You can get a plate of DIY pasta for as low as S$8.90, depending on your choices. It’s rare to find a place that allows this much creative control over your pasta at this price point. So if you’re a pasta fan, this hidden gem might be worth a trip down for.

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