Just opened: Nassim Hill Bakery @ Killiney is a scenic oasis hidden in Orchard

by Evan Mua
nassim hil bakery killiney review

Nassim Hill Bakery has set up a temporary Killiney home at KPO, just a stone’s throw away from Orchard Central.

For those who haven’t been to Nassim Hill Bakery’s original outlet at Tanglin, Killiney is a much much more convenient spot. And it essentially offers the same menu as the original.

nassim hill bakery killiney donuts

Secondly, not the full range of bakes are available at this pop-up. But thankfully, you can grab some of their signature donuts here.

Boy, these babies are worth making a trip down. The decadent kaya and chocolate fillings perfectly complement the rich, fluffy brioche dough.

For starters, this isn’t a new outlet. Nassim Hill Bakery @ Killiney is just a brunch pop-up at the second floor of gastrobar KPO which just operates until 3pm.

Photo: Nassim Hill Bakery

For fans of al fresco dining, the café has an open rooftop area which is comfortably nestled amongst lush greens. You are provided a sweeping view of the surrounding park and main road — perfect for people spotting.

It can be best described as a scenic oasis hidden within the bustle of Orchard.

Photo: Nassim Hill Bakery

But if you’re with a date who can’t tolerate the Singaporean weather, Nassim Hill’s Killiney space has an airconditioned greenhouse-esque interior as a cosy alternative.

Sprawling windows and rustic wooden furnishing help create a charming, tranquil ambiance.

Asian-inspired menu

nassim hill bakery killiney

You can start off your meal with their Sourdough Basket (S$4), which is crazy worth it since it comes with Bordier Butter. It’s not a common sight to see such high quality artisan butter served with bread baskets.

But if you want to spice it up even more, get the Zesty Hummus Dip (S$12) or Taramasalata Dip (S$13). Pretty solid condiments if you want to add some textures and bold spiced flavours.

One of my favourite items off the brunch menu at Nassim Hill Bakery @ Killiney was the Potato Gnocchi (S$18).

A medley of creamed spinach sauce, mushrooms and chives combined for a potently fragrant profile, finished with a smoky crunch from Brussel sprouts.

nassim hil bakery killiney chili crab pasta

If you like your pasta more with umami, go for the Chilli Crab Pasta (S$17/25). This is one of the crowd pleasers at Nassim Hill Bakery @ Killiney for sure.

Chili crab fans would enjoy the sauce’s delectable mix of tanginess and sweetness, with a kick of spice at the end.

nassim hill bakery killiney truffle pizza

Similarly, if you want something Italian-inspired you can get an entire Personal Truffle Pizza (S$14) to yourself. It sports a nice crunchy crust, touches of quail egg and a light truffle perfume. At just $14, it’s a great deal.

nassim hil bakery killiney waffles

Alternatively, for something more “brunch-like”, the Cheddar Cheese Bacon Waffles (S$20) is the perfect hearty plate for you.

The umami bacon and rich cheddar in the waffles paired just paired so well with the chives sour cream.

Otherwise, Nassim Hill Bakery @ Killiney also has items on the menu for the more health conscious. For example, the zesty Thai Beef Salad (S$19) which really hits the spot with its bright citrus notes.

nassim hill bakery killiney coffee

Finally, what’s a brunch without a good cuppa? Nassim Hill uses a full bodied espresso blend from Liberty Coffee for their brews.

You can find the classic orders like Americano (S$5), Flat White (S$6) and Cafe Mocha (S$7), with additional $1 for ice and oat milk substitutes.

Ultimately, the new Killiney branch is more accessible than Nassim Hill Bakery’s original location. Which is good news for those who’ve wanted to try their food — especially those crazy good brioche donuts.

Nassim Hill Bakery @ Killiney
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???? 1 Killiney Road, Level 2, Killiney Post Office Building, Singapore 239518
????️ 9am–3pm (Tue–Sun)

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