The Bagel Bunch in Buona Vista has hearty bagel sandwiches with fillings like butter chicken, five-spice bacon & more

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It never hurts to have another bagel spot to add on to your list, right? 

The Bagel Bunch
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Located just a stone’s throw away from Buona Vista MRT Station, The Bagel Bunch has opened their first brick-and-mortar store in The Metropolis where you can take away bagels and coffee. 

You may have heard of them before as they were initially operating as a home-based business while hosting a few pop-ups here and there. 

Well, now is your chance to try them out for yourselves — lunch, perhaps? 

The Bagel Bunch
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Although the menu is relatively simple, it boasts seven hearty savoury bagel sandwiches in flavours like original plain, sesame seed or cheddar. 

Each bagel sandwich sports a chewy crust with a soft and fluffy interior that is chock full of ingredients inspired by local Asian flavours. 

The Bagel Bunch
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Those who are a fan of the full English breakfast should try the namesake The Bagel Bunch (S$9.90) which features five-spice bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, hashbrown, pickled red onions, and scallion cream cheese. 

It’s a simple grab-and-go snack that’ll easily get you going for the day.

The Bagel Bunch
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Personally, I would opt for the B.W.A.K (S$12.90) which comprises a chunky slab of spicy chicken thigh, hashbrown, cheese, house-made onion jam, and pickles. 

The juicy, spicy, and heavily marinated chicken thigh seems like it would go really well with the sweet and tangy onions.

The Bagel Bunch
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Of course, I could see the Lox of Love (S$13.90) bagel receiving lotsa love (pun intended) as well. 

There’s smoked salmon, plum furikake, pickled red onions, and tomatoes slathered in luscious scallion cream cheese. If you can’t already tell from the generous serving of smoky salmon, they definitely don’t skimp on the ingredients. 

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There are other flavours to try out like the Korean Fried Chicken (S$12.90) with spicy Korean fried chicken and daikon slaw or the Indian-inspired Butter Chicken Bonanza (S$12.90) loaded with butter chicken cream cheese.


Or if you’re looking for a non-meat option, opt for the Veggie Delight (S$12.90) which comprises five-spice portobello mushroom and daikon slaw. 

Besides that, they also offer drinks like Mocha (S$5.50) or Hot Chocolate (S$5) to pair with your bagels. 

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Since they are open from 8am to 5pm during the weekdays, it makes for a satisfying snack, be it for breakfast, lunch or in between meetings.

Will you be heading down to enjoy some hearty bagels? 

The Bagel Bunch
📍9 North Buona Vista Dr, Tower 1, #01-01 The Metropolis, Singapore 138588
🕐 8am–5pm (Mon to Fri), 9am–4pm (Sun), Closed on Sat

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