Another Bean is a hidden gem in the East for affordable bagels from S$7.90 and cream lattes in flavours like tiramisu & peanut butter

by Christabel Tan

I used to think that there weren’t enough bagel joints in the East — not anymore.

Fellow Easties, we may all be looking forward to Two Men Bagel House’s upcoming opening in Joo Chiat, but I’m here to let you in on a secret — good and affordable bagels can also be found near Expo MRT Station.

another bean
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Enter Another Bean, a (rather low-key) bagel kiosk and coffee bar in Changi City Point that has been doling out unique cafe-worthy drinks and some of the most value-for-money bagels you can find in Singapore.

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Those looking for a quick grab-and-go meal can choose from a selection of coffee, matcha, cakes, and of course, signature bagels.

Although most tend to go for the loaded bagelwiches, there is also the option of enjoying your bagels with spreads and schmears, which includes the likes of p.b.j (peanut butter and jelly, S$5.90) and good ol’ cream cheese in flavours like Scallion (S$5.90), Mixed Herb (S$5.90), and even Truffle (S$6.90),

another bean
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I can appreciate a good schmear from time to time, but proper loaded bagelwiches are always hard to pass up on.

Prices start from a wallet-friendly S$7.90, with the priciest option being The Lox (S$12.90), a classic combination with American Jewish roots — luscious smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, red onion, and capers. I opted for a chewy all-in bagel studded with onion, garlic flakes, and black & white sesame seeds (there are six types of bagels to choose from); the perfect paring for those clean and composed flavours.

My only gripe? The red onion could’ve been more thinly sliced.

another bean
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Any seasoned bagelwich lover would willingly sink their teeth into the Umami Pastrami (S$10.90), which is made up of only two components: beef pastrami and scallion cream cheese.

If you’ve never had pastrami (a smoked, cured and spiced deli meat made from brisket), this is a fabulous place to start. The meat is succulent and salty, balanced out nicely by the rich, herb-y, and generously portioned cream cheese.

I went with a regular plain bagel because anything else would’ve been too much (but you do you!).

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As for the drinks, the iced foam-topped cream lattes (from S$6) are a standout. All four options — sea salt, peanut butter, black sesame, and tiramisu — are enticing in their own way, but I went for the latter, a delightfully creamy and bittersweet latte dusted with cocoa powder.

Another Bean opens as early as 8am on weekdays, so you can easily head down for breakfast (or a post-retail therapy treat — it is Changi City Point AKA factory outlet heaven, after all)!

Another Bean
???? 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi City Point, #B1-K5, Singapore 486038
???? 8am–8pm (Mon to Fri), 10am–8pm (Sat & Sun)

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Photos by Christabel Tan

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