The Doraemon Exhibition is coming to Singapore’s National Museum in November for its first run outside of Japan 

by Carol Ong

If you grew up in Singapore, then you’re probably familiar with the iconic earless blue cat that’s been around since 1969 (that’s the same age as Singapore!). 

the doraemon exhibition
Photo: @gaucho_1928/instagram

From 5 November 2022 to 5 February 2023, The Doraemon Exhibition will be coming to Singapore — the first showcase outside of Japan (score for Singaporeans!).

The exhibition will take place at the National Museum of Singapore, and will feature Doraemon-inspired art pieces designed by 28 contemporary Japanese artists

the doraemon exhibition
Photo: @mizutamari.papa/instagram

Other than the basking in the nostalgia factor from the childhood cartoon, fans will also be able to see a myriad of different artwork with unique takes on the beloved childhood classic through different mediums from paintings to sculptures, photography and more. 

the doraemon exhibition
Photo: @mizutamari.papa/instagram

Past exhibitions in Japan have featured famous artists such as Takashi Murakami — known for his floral smiley faces that have made their way onto many popular brands such as Uniqlo and Vans. Safe to say, fans were really impressed by the whimsical piece featuring their favourite Doraemon characters with the vibrant flowers. 

the doraemon exhibition
Photo: @stars19850728/instagram

While the exact pieces haven’t been announced for the exhibition in Singapore this time round, you can expect to see some of the late Fujiko F Fujio’s (the original artist of Doraemon) original sketches — which will be on display for the first time outside of Asia (imagine that, seeing the first ideas of the artist behind this iconic character that we all grew up with!). 

An array of Doraemon merchandise (including some Singapore-exclusive ones!) will also be available for purchase so that you can bring home your very own little blue friend from the future. 

Whether you love all things Doraemon or just a lover of all things artistic and creative, check out The Doraemon Exhibition at the National Museum this November!

Tickets (S$30) are available for purchase now.

The Doraemon Exhibition at National Museum of Singapore
📍93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897
🗓️5 November 2022 until 5 February 2023

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