The Sundowner presents 7 out-of-the-norm things to do in Siglap from zen garden building to honey pairings and more


Here’s a new place to put on your neverending list of to-gos, meet The Sundowner, an interesting mixed concept “urban farm + nature-based experience centre” hidden in a shophouse in Siglap.  

Offering a variety of things to do and experiences to be had from indulging in cocktails at their desert-themed bar to paper marbling, terrarium-building, honey pairing and more – it’s a great weekend destination if you’re looking for something different to try. Wondering exactly what’s available?

1. Cocktail Mixing Experience

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For starters, head over to Nomad’s Tent, Singapore’s first desert-themed bar where you can dig your toes into the sand floor and enjoy the recreated vibes of the desert oasis of Ksar Ghilane in Tunisia (without the blistering heat).

Photos: @corneliustang_/instagram

Learn to create three classic cocktails and learn the basics of mixology (S$95) as you chill with your friends with your bespoke drinks in hand.

???? 5.30pm to 7pm (Fri-Sun)

2. Rooftop Farm Experience

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If you’re a plant lover and enjoy spending time with nature, join the rooftop farm experience (from S$85) comprising an organic farming class, bee encounters and farm-to-table tastings!

Photos: @thesundownersg/instagram, @soupshan/instagram

Learn about how bio-active soil grows healthy plants and observe the honeybees in action before trying some honey and garnishing your own cocktails. (There’s the cutest free-roaming Silkie chicken here too!)

???? 5pm to 7pm (Fri-Sun)

3. Terrarium Building Workshop

Photos: @thesundownersg/instagram

Alternatively, if you love plants but can never seem to keep them alive, consider going for the terrarium building workshop (from S$75). This is where you’ll design and build your own terrarium with provided plants and terrarium decor as you indulge in free-flow garden infusion drinks at the Sundowner rooftop. At the end of it, bring home your unique globe terrarium and enjoy your little green garden in the comfort of home.

???? 3.30pm to 4.45pm (Fri-Sun)

4. Paper marbling

Photos: @studio_marbleous/instagram

Love getting crafty? Try paper marbling (from S$65) for the first time at Studio Marbleous where you’ll get to try your hands at this ancient papercraft from 15th century Venice! Colourful and soothing at the same time, create gorgeous marbled designs on paper and happily bring your new framed art piece home.

???? Available from Fri-Sun (do check the booking calendar for available sessions and specific time slots)

5. Pizza Making Experience

Photos: @itskloverbelle/instagram

Sure, you might’ve made your own pizza at home, but have you ever made your own wood-fired pizza? Spend three hours making pizza by hand (from S$95) from stretching your dough to making your base sauce and topping it off with all the ingredients your heart desires. Then slide it into the oven and enjoy your personalised pizza just the way you like it after!

???? 5pm to 8pm (Fri-Sun)

6. Honey Pairing Experiences

Photos: @thesundownersg/instagram

Here at Sundowner, there are two types of honey pairings for you to choose from. If you’re more of a cheese lover, then join Land of Milk & Honey where you’ll try their curated cheese and honey pairings. 

Photos: @thesundownersg/instagram

Otherwise, hop into the Barrels & Bees experience and taste three unique unifloral types of honey (coconut, rainforest and durian blossom) paired with Aberfeldy’s 12, 16 and 18 year single malts. Finally, top off either experience with a fun session with the honeybees at the rooftop apiary.

???? 3.30pm to 6pm (Fri-Sun)

7. Sunset Magic Experience & Magic Workshop

Photos: @magicsng/instagram

Depending on what you’re keener on, whether you’d like to catch a magic show or perhaps learn some magic tricks of your own, both are available here. First up, catch the Sunset Magic Experience where you’ll witness Singapore’s Charming Conjurer, Ming Da work his magic at S$350 for a 30-minute show for 2 to 5 pax! 

Photos: @corneliustang_/instagram, @magicsng/instagram

More into learning some magic tricks? Pick up some skills through a Magic Workshop with Ming Da (from S$95), as he spends an hour introducing you to seven new tricks! The Magician’s Starter Kit will also be provided, inclusive of written instructions and a QR code for video instructions you can reference after the workshop!

???? Magic Workshop is available from 3.30pm to 4.30pm (Fri-Sun)

Photo: @thesundownersg/instagram

Apart from these fun activities, six more new experiences will be launched next month in June, with the first two recently announced – Mini Zen Garden Workshop and Mini Treehouse Building Workshop. Excited about any of these out-of-the-norm weekend activities? I sure am. See you at The Sundowner soon!

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