For just S$48, here’s how to keep your scalp issues in check with this customised treatment

by Christabel Tan

Dealing with hair loss? Got a scalp that’s unbearably itchy and/or dandruff-ridden? This is your sign to take the first step and start dealing with your pesky scalp issues once and for all. 

If you’d like to level up your hair game, look no further than TK Trichokare, a leading Trichological centre that provides customised European herbal hair remedies.

TrichoKare is best known for their signature scalp treatment, Scalp Purifying Therapy, a premium and powerful treatment that’s packed with benefits. 

Every treatment starts with a pre-treatment hair and scalp scan analysis that uses Tricho-scan, which magnifies the scalp by up to 200 times. 

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This will reveal everything down to the nitty gritty details — whether you have hair loss, dandruff, or even an inflamed and sensitive scalp — so as to ensure that you get a personalised treatment that’s fully-customised to fit your scalp conditions. 

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After filling in a detailed questionnaire, my colleague Charmaine was asked questions about her lifestyle, hair care practices (down to her conditioning techniques!), and of course, her existing hair and scalp concerns. 

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She then got her scalp scanned, where it was revealed that she actually had an oily scalp. Despite her hair looking voluminous from the outside (with the help of hair appliances), she also had thinning hair issues at the crown of her hair with no new baby hair growth. Oh dear.

scalp purifying therapy
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The treatment then got kicked off with an extra nourishing and detoxifying Customised European Herbal Scalp Masque that helps to eliminate excess sebum and clogged pores on the scalp. 

scalp purifying therapy
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Charmaine was especially eager for the aromatherapy scalp massage, which helps to fully enhance the absorption of the masque into the scalp. During the massage, she could vividly feel the skin on her scalp absorbing the nutrients and working its magic through the strands.

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The masque takes up to 30 minutes to absorb into the scalp, so feel free to sit back and enjoy a comforting cup of Rose tea. 

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This was followed by a wash using Trichokare’s best-selling shampoo, the Nourishing Hair Bath, and yet another aromatherapy scalp massage (who’s complaining?). 

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Charmaine then got a Customised Treatment Essence applied to her scalp using a cool-looking NanoMist Spray. This essence helps to strengthen hair growth, boost hydration, and ensure that the scalp isn’t too oily or too dry. 

scalp purifying therapy
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Lastly, she got to wear a futuristic-looking helmet for the final step, Hair Bang, which is essentially a laser light infrared technology that maintains the scalp’s pH balance, detoxifies, and promotes overall hair and scalp health.

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At the end of the treatment, Charmaine couldn’t wait to see her newly-rejuvenated scalp, and the post-treatment scalp scan revealed it all: her scalp looked fresh and clean; her hair was smooth and shiny; and most importantly, she felt absolutely fabulous. 

If you too want to tackle your scalp issues and keep them in check (as you should), this Scalp Purifying Therapy is going for just S$48 (total worth S$556) from now till 30 April 2024, exclusively for Confirm Good followers. 

scalp purifying therapy
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It even comes with free gifts — an exclusive Hair Care Kit comprising a Nourishing Hair Bath (shampoo) and CompleteKare Mask (conditioner).

Just think about it — instead of forking out the same amount for a spin class or even a pair of weekend movie tickets with popcorn and drinks, why not switch things up by giving your scalp the love and care it deserves?

All you need to do is sign up via their website or WhatsApp +65 9150 8891 with our exclusive promo code <ConfirmGood> to make an appointment at TrichoKare before the deal ends!

TrichoKare outlets are accessible islandwide:

  • Clementi Mall #05-11
  • NEX #02-24
  • Ngee Ann City #05-22A
  • Velocity@Novena Square #03-19
  • Jurong Point #B1-62

Simply indicate your preferred location through the link or WhatsApp.

So, ready to finally leave your scalp issues behind? 

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This post is brought to you by TK TrichoKare.

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