You’ll soon be able to surf, skate, snowboard and more at this skating attraction opening in Somerset

by Marcus Leong

Everyone knows Orchard Road to be a shopper’s paradise. Come 28 October 2023, the popular shopping belt is gonna welcome a new tenant and you’ll soon be able to do more than just shop in Orchard Road. Think: surf, skate, and snow. 

Photo: TRIFECTA Singapore

Located in Somerset, TRIFECTA will be Asia’s first surf, snow and skate attraction. If you’re a lover of surfing, skating, and skiing activities, you’ll be able to try your hand at these sports and so much more at The Ride Side’s new attraction. 

In case you’re wondering, yes, you can actually go snowboarding here. If you have a winter holiday coming up and don’t wanna look like a complete noob while snowboarding, you can pop by Trifecta to get a sense of what the sport entails before your trip. I certainly wish this existed before my snowboarding trip in Switzerland where I fell face flat into the snow (that’s a story for another time). 

Photo: TRIFECTA Singapore

Since we don’t naturally get snow in Singapore, the team at Trifecta brings you the ultimate snowboarding experience at the Ski/Snow arena with the help of simulator machines powered by Virtual Reality that mimics the natural mountain terrain.

If you’re game enough, you can even try out a few tricks and stunts at the “Freestyle” area that’s fitted with airbags and dry slopes. 

Photo: TRIFECTA Singapore

If snow sports aren’t your fancy, maybe surfing might be right up your alley — and we mean surfing waves not the internet. Here, you’ll be treated to the best surfing experience (in Singapore at least).

The Surf arena will house Asia’s largest standing wave pool which can produce waves soaring up to 1.5m. I’ve always wanted to try surfing so you’ll definitely see me trying to ride the waves here — although I’ll probably not be hitting 1.5m waves anytime soon. 

To round things up, Trifecta also has a skating arena where you’ll get to experience the world’s first hybrid skate bowl designed for both skateboarding and surf skating. The space is free for all to use, so even if you cannot skate to save your life, you can also pop by for some skateboarding lessons.  

Of course, you’ll need something to fuel your tummies after all that hard work. TRIFECTA will also house a new dining concept, Butter, which is a collaboration with popular bagel store Two Men Bagel House.

Feast on a specially curated menu, consisting of all-day breakfast sets, freshly baked goods, hearty grain bowls, coffee as well as lunch and dinner menu. There’s even a sector of the diner that overlooks the surf and snow arenas for you to catch all the action. 

Photo: TRIFECTA Singapore

TRIFECTA is having early bird specials and starter packages with up to 10% off passes and credit packages, available now until 4 September 2023.

 If you’re not sure about the commitment yet, single class passes for 60-minute sessions are also available from S$54 for Skate, S$90 for Snow/Ski, and S$108 for Surf. More details can be found on TRIFECTA’s website and Instagram

Which of these sports will you be trying out first? 

TRIFECTA Singapore 
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