T’way Air is offering flights to Seoul from just S$156 inclusive of a carry-on bag and check-in baggage allowance

by Marcus Leong

Flight prices have been sky-high since the world has opened their borders to international travel. Get ready to finally say annyeong to South Korea when you gleefully fly in for your long-awaited adventure in the Land of Morning Calm… T’way is a new no-frills low-cost carrier that is offering daily flights to Seoul from just S$156! BRB while I book my next flight to Korea.

T'way Air
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T’Way (formerly Hansung Airlines) typically serves as a domestic flight within South Korea, flying to cities like Jeju, Busan, Daegu, Cheongju, and Gwangju. Previously, T’Way used to only operate two flights a week between Seoul and Singapore. They’ve since started operating daily flights — hooray!

The best part is T’way makes travelling more enjoyable with its affordable prices which makes South Korea more accessible than ever for travellers looking to spend time in this gorgeous country.

T'Way Air
Photos: @twayair/instagram

If you’re excited to head over soon, here’s a breakdown of their fares to Seoul. Tickets for the single trip start from S$156/pax while a round trip ticket will set you back around S$380/pax. These fares include a cabin baggage allowance of up to 10kg, and a checked baggage of at least 15kg — a pretty good deal from a low-cost carrier isn’t it?

Like most low-cost carriers, economy passengers don’t get a free meal on board. However, if you get a little peckish during your flight, you can always get light snacks from the onboard cafeteria.

T'way Air
Photos: @twayair/instagram

You should note that currently T’way Air only has one flight daily to Seoul and it departs Singapore at 1.55am and arrives in Incheon at 9.35am. But honestly, I’m not complaining because I personally prefer a red eye flight so that I get more time to explore the city! The same applies for the flight back. There’s only one flight back to SG and it departs from Incheon at around 7pm.

Photos: @twayair/instagram

Of course, if you wanna travel in ultimate style, you can always go for the business class which has a flat bed that allows the seats to fully recline to a 165º so you’re able to have a good rest during the six and a half hour flight from Singapore to Seoul. You’ll also get to enjoy other business class benefit like one free meal onboard along with the extra leg room, and check-in baggage allowance of up to 32kg.

Whether you’re looking for a good travel deal, or simply want to travel in comfort, T’way Air offers both so either way you’ll be one happy traveller.

Photos: @twayair/instagram

That’s not all, for the month of July, T’way Air is having a special promotion where you can get up to S$20 (20,000KRW) off your fare when you pay using Kakao pay. We love a good deal, especially travel-related ones! More details can be found on the website.

Is it time for yet another getaway to the land of kimchi, K-pop and K-bbq?

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