Your vaccine validity until booster can be calculated via this website

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About 84.2 per cent of Singapore’s population has been fully vaccinated at the time of writing, but in order to keep that status, as announced by Minister Ong Ye Kung, a booster shot will be needed. If you want to “maximise” your vaccine validity period, or are confused about how long you have until your green check on your TraceTogether app ceases to be, VaccineGoWhere is your guy.

Input Vaccine Effective Date

Screengrab of VaccineGoWhere website

To calculate the vaccine validity is simple — input your Vaccine Effective Date (that is, the date on which your vaccination has taken full effect), which is indicated on your TraceTogether app.

Vaccine validity & timeline are auto-generated

vaccine validity
Screengrab of VaccineGoWhere website

Upon doing so, the rest of the information needed will be automatically generated. You will be able to see the number of days left until your ‘Vaccinated’ status lapses, as well as a brief timeline of your vaccine journey.

Not affiliated with government subsidiaries

vaccine validity
Photo: Sarah Tew/CNET

The creator(s) of the website states a disclaimer of non-affiliation with the government or its subsidiaries, but the site remains as a useful tool for Singaporeans nonetheless.

Check your vaccine validity here.

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