What The Pug: Singapore’s first pug petting cafe will give you the ultimate serotonin boost

by Cheryl Tan

Singaporeans’ love for animals is pretty evident with the rising popularity of pet cafes such as bunny cafes, ragamuffin cafes, and even an art jamming cafe with cats. So, if you’re a fan of the flat faced, wrinkly canine breed, you’d be pleased to know that we now have our first and only pug petting cafe, What The Pug.

Photo: @squidddooo/instagram

Conveniently located along the shophouses at Haji Lane, the cafe is decked in a deep shade of purple along with its iconic pug posters displayed at the front —  it’d definitely be hard to miss such a striking entrance. 

Photo: @squidddooo & @helloahnana/instagram

With the cafe housing more than 8 pugs, there’d be enough pugs for each patron to pet and to cuddle with. According to reviews, the pugs are very affectionate and would approach you for some cuddle sessions throughout your time there, even without any treats. 

These chonky canines are aged between slightly over one year old to older ones aged around 12 years old. The pugs are also extremely well taken care of, with its owner feeding only boiled food to ensure they have a healthy diet for their well-being. The overall atmosphere of the cafe is also very lively and cosy, ensuring the ultimate comfort for you and the pugs.  

Photo: @joeooix3 & @prettymomomo/instagram

For hygiene reasons, disposable foot covers will be given to patrons. However, do make sure to bring along some extra masks though, in case you’re swarmed by the pugs’ affectionate licks as they snuggle on your laps. 

Photo: @squidddooo & @terribletristan/instagram

Tickets are priced at $20 each for a 45 minutes long session that comes with a complimentary drink as well as a free polaroid photo for keepsake. There will be staff around during the sessions and they will be more than happy to help snap a few photos for you. 

Do note that there are limited time slots available with only a maximum of 8 to 10 people allowed per session. To ensure you are able to visit the cafe without any hiccups, do make your reservations via phone in advanced or you can also pre-book your tickets here.

If a one-time visit to cuddle with the pugs is not enough, or if you’re planning to make multiple visits to get your daily serotonin boost, a multi-day pass is also available for purchase. To purchase this special pass, simply drop them a DM on their Instagram for more information. 

What The Pug Cafe
Instagram | Website 
???? 12pm – 8pm | Tues – Sun
???? 80 Haji Lane, Singapore 189271

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