Light to Night Festival 2022 returns as a hybrid festival within the Civic District and beyond

by Cheryl Tan

A marquee event of Singapore Art Week, Light to Night Festival 2022 returns with their 6th edition dazzling light installations featuring innovative digital and on-site experiences. It promises to present more excitement than ever with over 60 engaging and multi-sensory experiences installed. 

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Spanning over three weeks, from 14 January to 3 February 2022, this year’s theme is “New Ways of Seeing, Thinking and Being”. The theme revels in the realities and rhythms of change, continuity, and reconciliation as we navigate through new states of mind as the world evolves into a “new normal.” 

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Last year’s festival theme “____-in-Progress”, was inspired by current times and was set to explore “the idea of things evolving, growing and being in flux”. 

Light to Night Festival 2022 

Light to Night Festival 2022 is said to “focus on the pursuit of new perspectives and states of mind – inviting audiences to uncover new ways of seeing, thinking and being as we engage with fresh perspectives about the world we live in.” 

Here’s some of the interesting installations you can look out for during your visit. 

Flight by LiteWerkz

Photo: @litewerkz & @syahidhalfhalf/instagram

“Flight” by local art collective, LiteWerkz, is inspired by the movement of a flock of birds during its migration, contrasting against the idea of “complex movement of people” during this pandemic. 

You can interact with this responsive installation at Padang with the bluetooth signal emitted from your mobile phone to generate a symphony of lights and colours. 

Visions: An Outdoor Augmented Reality Exhibition

Photo: @acuteart/instagram

This outdoor augmented reality (AR) exhibition features works of renowned local and international artists such as KAWS. The cutting-edge visual artworks in this augmented reality art will trail along the façade of National Gallery Singapore. 

You can also download the Acute Art app onto your mobile devices to enjoy the view of the Gallery façade along 1 St Andrew’s Road. 

Move For?ward (Unseen: Inside Out)

Photo: @unseensg/instagram

“Move For?ward (Unseen: Inside Out)” is produced by Unseen Art Initiatives, a volunteer-led inclusive arts platform. This disability-led project features the voices and stories of 12 visually impaired individuals in an immersive multi-sensory installation – encouraging conversations and questioning the public’s perceptions and assumptions around disability. 

To participate, on-site pre-registration 20 minutes before the session is required as there is a capacity limit of 3 slots per hour, with each experience lasting 20 minutes. Do also make sure to bring along your earphones for the experience. 

Making Room 

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“Making Room,” encapsulates the changes in our private spaces as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the name suggests, it highlights the literal act of us making room in our homes to adapt to their new functions, alluding to the palpable uncertainty of constantly having to make room for our new living arrangements in this “new normal”. 

Art x Social 

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Our beloved festival village is coming back this year and is going with the name of  Art x Social 2.0. With the central theme of exploring perspectives, the village will be featuring an array of food, craft making activities, quirky merchandise and more. 

This year’s extensive line-up of programmes and art installations would definitely bring life to several iconic landmarks across the Civic district as the festival takes place. Onsite admission to the festival is free. So, be sure to mark your dates and get ready to immerse yourself in these art installations, music, performances and activities. 

Light to Night Festival 2022 
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📍 Padang, National Gallery Singapore, National Library Board Building, Asian Civilisations Museum, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
🗓️ 14 Jan – 3 Feb 2022

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