You can get Whiskdom’s IG-famous molten matcha lava cookies & biscoff brownies at Havelock 2 now


While most people wouldn’t have heard of Havelock 2, a mall at Clarke Quay, fans of cookies and brownies would know it as the home of Backyard Bakers. Havelock 2 has even more exciting now as Whiskdom, another highly-popular bakery, has recently opened there to give bake lovers more options!

Sweet-toothed customers will be absolutely spoilt for choice by the mind-numbingly diverse range of bakes ranging from simple dark chocolate fillings to more unique creme brulees.

While Whiskdom’s Havelock II outlet doesn’t have a kitchen, their stock is all freshly baked daily and brought in from the main kitchen. Just need a quick trip to the microwave and they taste good as new!

It’s not crazy pricey at S$6.50 per cookie or brownies, considering each bake’s heft. We could feel ourselves getting kinda full just from eating one brownie — it was so so rich.

Personally, I prefer huge chunky Levain-Bakery-style cookies that are basically as big as your palm — which is exactly what caught my eye as I walked into Whiskdom’s Havelock outlet.

whiskdom havelock

As much as we enjoyed the nice crunchy crust and chewy insides of the traditional Chunky Chip Walnut (S$6.50), the Matcha Lava (S$6.50) stole the show with that flow.

Perhaps it’s a bit sweeter than usual matcha but it’s got a decent amount of earthy notes and more importantly, plenty of silky texture to compliment the already great cookie dough. Get this if you decide to visit Whiskdom at Havelock 2.

whiskdom matcha lava cookie

As far as brownies go, there aren’t many better places to get brownies in Singapore than at Havelock, 2 with Whiskdom and TBB both being legendary for their blackout brownies.

These babies were moist, slightly fudgy, and chocked full of fillings. Absolutely decadent dark chocolate that will make chocolate lovers’ heads spin. That said, the richness does overpower the fillings a bit.

whiskdom havelock

But you can really find something for everyone at Whiskdom — there’s the popular Speculoos Delight (S$6.50), fruity Raspberry Dark Chocolate (S$6.50), and even a Gimme S’mores (S$6.50) that’s embedded with a gratuitous amount of toasted marshmallows.

This new Havelock II outlet is also supposedly Whiskdom’s new experiment with beverages, with them bringing in a unique slow pressed coffee maker — the first of its kind in Singapore.

Besides your typical Black (S$4) and White (S$5), you can also get Uji Matcha specially brought in from Japan in Matcha Latte (S$5.50) or Dirty Matcha (S$6.50) form which is bursting with interesting grassy umami notes — worth a try.

Whiskdom Cookies and Brownies (Havelock 2)
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 2 Havelock Rd, #01-09 Havelock II, Singapore 059763
🕒 10am–5pm (Wed to Sat), 10am–2pm (Sun)

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