This ramen restaurant in Changi Airport is the first in Singapore to sell wok hei ramen with full-bodied chicken collage broth from just S$10.90

by Marcus Leong

Think you’ve tried it all? Maybe not. 

Here’s an eatery that infuses Japanese ramen with Chinese cooking techniques, yielding a unique “wok hei” ramen you may have yet to try — Woke Ramen in Changi Airport Terminal 1

According to the dictionary definition of Woke, it means to be alert to or aware of. But at Woke Ramen, it is also a play on words to its signature flavours and cooking method. So, are you ready to get woke at Woke Ramen? 

Woke Ramen
Photo: @wokeramensg/instagram

The Ramen eatery specialises in “wok hei” Ramen – the first of its kind in Singapore. Traditionally, the star of the show in a bowl of ramen is its rich and flavourful tonkotsu broth. Here, the team combines Singaporeans’ favourite smoky wok hei aromatics with its signature Chicken Collagen or Prawn soup, giving their bowl of ramen an edge above the rest. 

Woke Ramen
Photo: @wokeramensg/instagram

To achieve that wok hei fragrance, the noodles are stir fried in a wok at high heat with garlic oil. The noodles are then dunked into a full-bodied broth, and topped with an onsen egg, black fungus, and a sprinkle of spring onions – the usual pairing you would get with a typical bowl of ramen. 

Photo: @wokeramensg/instagram

There are over 10 variations of ramen on Woke’s menu, with prices starting from S$10.90.  You can make your meal even more filling by opting for a set which includes a side dish – like Chicken Karaage (S$4.50), Gyoza (S$4.50), and Golden Beancurd Skin (S$4.50) – and a drink.  

Woke Ramen
Photo: @wokeramensg/instagram

If you’re craving Japanese-style prawn mee, the Prawn Paste Ramen (S$14.90) is served with Woke’s signature Prawn paste balls, with a full-bodied prawn broth that really shines through. If you’ve got a good spice tolerance, opt for the spicy soup to give your bowl of noods an added boost of flavour. 

For seafood lovers, the Seafood Mix Prawn Ramen (S$S$18.90) will win your heart over with the usual ramen toppings alongside Prawn paste balls, succulent tiger prawns, and scallops.   

Woke Ramen
Photo: @wokeramensg/instagram

Other offerings on the menu include Chicken Chashu Collagen Ramen (S$13.90), and Chicken Katsu Collagen Ramen (S$13.90), amongst others. 

Slurp up some delicious Chinese-Japanese fusion ramen store Woke Ramen at Changi Airport while watching the planes fly by.
Photo: @the_xw/instagram

The newly-opened Woke Ramen’s 58-seater eatery is located at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Viewing Mall, which means that you can enjoy a hearty bowl of noodles even if you’re not headed overseas.

Woke Ramen is also currently running a one-for-one opening promo for any of their ramen from 28 February 2023 until 2 March 2023! Maybe you can bring your date to Changi Airport to plane-watch over some delicious ramen?

Are you woke enough for a bowl of this ramen? Head over to Woke Ramen to find out. 

Woke Ramen SG 
📍Changi Terminal 1, Viewing Mall #03-19, Singapore 819642
🕒10.30am–11pm (Daily)

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