Just opened: Yakiniku Warrior bringing Japanese BBQ to second outlet in Bukit Merah Kopitiam

by Evan Mua
yakiniku warrior bukit merah

Mildly smoky Kopitiams are a common sight nowadays with how popular Mookatas are in Singapore. But if you’re a bit bored of Thai-style BBQs, what if we told you that you could grill meat in a coffee shop, Yakiniku style instead?

For denizens of the Southern parts of Singapore, you can soon indulge in affordable Japanese grilled meats at Yakiniku Warrior’s second outlet opening on 3 July 2021.

Continuing with their unique coffee shop Yakiniku experience, this second outlet will be located in a coffee shop in Bukit Merah.

yakiniku warrior bukit merah
Photo: Yakiniku Warrior

If there’s one thing that Yakiniku Warrior is known for, it’s affordability. Not many other places where you can get meat platters from just S$6.

If you’re game for chicken, their Chicken Set gives you the best bang for your back at S$6 for 100g. Another choice that’s a good bargain is their Karubi Set which sets you back just S$8 for 100g of beef short plate.

Yakiniku Warrior also has a Beatbox Set ($12 for 250g) that includes 250g of chicken, beef, and pork for those that want bigger portions and more variety.

yakiniku warrior bukit mearah
Photo: Yakiniku Warrior

Alternatively, you can sink your teeth into some premium cuts like their Wagyu Steak Set (S$17 for 120g) or the Premium Karubi Set (S$14), with 100g of higher-quality marbled beef short plates.

Each set at Yakiniku Warrior also comes with a bowl of rice and a side of vegetables, so you have something to pair with the meat.

To celebrate their new Bukit Merah outlet, Yakiniku Warrior will also be launching a promo for a few premium steak cuts.

yakiniku warrior bukit merah
Photo: Yakiniku Warrior

You can indulge in the popular steak cut of NZ Striploin (S$12 for 200g) or a fancier MB5 AU Wagyu Steak (S$15 for 150g) that’s scored with a good amount of melt-in-mouth fat.

But true ballers can go for a decadent A4 Miyazaki Wagyu Steak Miyazaki (S$60 for 200g), which is known as one of the best beef money can buy. Even at the Butchers, A4 Miyazaki 200g is worth S$80, while you can get it at a promotional price of S$60.

For those looking for a new Yakinku joint to check out, they should pop by and experienceone of the most affordable Yakiniku experiences in a coffee shop.

Yakiniku Warrior Bukit Merah
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