Savour interesting meatless dishes at Common Green like their vegan Army Stew

by Evan Mua
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Looking to explore a wholesome and environmentally-friendly diet? New meatless concept Green Common seeks to bring all the leading plant-based substitute brands together under one roof at VivoCity

If you haven’t noticed, plant-based diets have been on the rise, with meat substitutes like Impossible Meat gaining legions of fans.


Green Common brings something new to the table as a one stop grocer and café concept, offering a range of plant-based products nicknamed “Food 2.0”.

This is the food of the future. It’s environmentally friendly, equally tasty, and also healthier—some products with less fats or cholesterol than regular meat.

Furthermore, unlike many other plant-based concepts, Green Common includes a strong line-up of Asian flavours. Many would be glad it’s not all burgers and meatballs here.

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For example, the most notable creation at Green Common has to be the Hainanese Trick’en Rice (S$16).

This meatless version of our national dish uses Heura, which mimics the texture of chicken. Served with traditional chicken rice balls and chilli, it looks identical to the real deal.

Photo: @j.oswel/instagram

There also a few popular dishes specifically made from OmniMeat luncheon such as the Omni Misubi (S$9), an Asian-Hawaiian snack resembling sushi with spam.

The crispy Omni Luncehon Fries (S$8) is another favourite that’s served with interesting sauces including truffle and Thai chilli.

Photo: @veggiexplorerinstagram

For lovers of all things Korean, they also have a good selection of Korean dishes such as the Omni Kimchi Fried Rice (S$16).

But the highlight has to be a rare meatless Planet Army Stew (S$19). It’s loaded with ingredients such as OmniMeat Luncehon and Beyond Meat beef patties, more generous than your typical Army Stew.

Photo: @kenpgl/instagram

Green Common has a more typical choice of Beyond Burger Black (S$15) for those who aren’t big on Asian food. It’s assembled with Beyond patty, sauteed mushroom, cabbage and black pepper sauce.

Alternatively, there are heartier and “meatier” options like the Meatless Meatball (S$10) and Meat Lovers Pizza (S$19).

Green Common is a welcome addition to our local café scene. Their concept store will provide new options not just for those looking to go meatless but also those with dietary restrictions, and pave the way for more meatless concepts.

Green Common
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