Simple YouTube Hack: How To Play Audio Without Staying On App

by Samantha Kwang

While many of us have already made the transition to music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music, there’s still a number of people that listen to music via YouTube. Be it podcasts, talk shows or hard-to-find music, they have it all.

However, it can get frustrating for the multi-taskers like myself when the YouTube audio stops playing once the app is exited or the phone is locked. Live in frustration no more – we’ve figured out an easy hack that will resolve this issue and have you jamming to tunes all day long!

How To Keep YouTube Audio Playing After Exiting App

1. Open YouTube Page in Safari

Open Safari and go to the YouTube website.

2. Request Desktop Settings

Click the ‘aA’ button on the top left, then click into ‘Request Desktop Website’.

3. Play Your Song!

Play your desired video, and you can exit the Safari app or lock your phone. The video will be paused, but you can simply drag down the notifications bar and resume the video there, which will let the audio continue playing.

There you have it! With this hack, you can listen to audio from YouTube for free without having to stay on the app or pay for any streaming fees!

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