This takeaway kiosk in Marina Bay serves hearty and healthy Korean bento boxes, rice bowls, jjajangmyeon & more from just S$7.80

by Marcus Leong

It’s hard to go wrong with a nice soothing bowl of Korean stew to warm our  bellies on a cold day, along with  some sweet and juicy bulgogi (or barbecued meats) to satisfy our  hunger pangs. 

Good news to those working in the Marina Bay area as you’ll now be able to enjoy hearty (and healthy) Korean Bento boxes at this new takeaway kiosk. 

Photo: @zirap_sg/instagram

ZIRAP inside The Sail at Marina Bay serves up  authentic Korean dishes, bento-style. The best part is, prices start from just S$7.80 — to all my corporate girlies (and guys)you’re all  in for a real treat! 

Much like your regular bento set, you get meat, carb, and sides. But ZIRAP’s bento boxes are a little different. Here, each bento box comes with four different banchan (or side dishes) — much like what you would get at a Korean restaurant. The side dishes change every month so make sure to check for updates on their Instagram. 

Photo: @zirap_sg/instagram

On the menu are your quintessential Korean dishes like Beef Bulgogi Bento (S$14.80) and Pork Jjajang Bento (S$13.80). In true Korean fashion, of course they have a spicy Ziggle Chicken Bento (S$14.80). For something a little closer to home, they also have a Mala Pork Bento (S$13.80). 

Each set comes with four banchans — this month you’ll get kimchi, mayo corn, japchae (Korean glass noodles), and fish cake. You’ll also be able to choose if you prefer brown rice or normal white rice. I would totally order this, it makes for such a substantial meal and its super value for money! 

Photo: ZIRAP/google images

Besides bento boxes, ZIRAP also has rice bowls like the Soy Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl (S$10.80) and Pork Jjajang Rice Bowl (S$9.80). I’m really interested in trying the Army Stew Rice Bowl (S$9.80) because Army Stew is one of my all-time favourite Korean dishes. 

Photo: @zirap_sg/instagram

They also have vegetarian-friendly options like the Japchae Rice Bowl (S$7.80) and the Seaweed Soup Rice Bowl (S$7.80). Just like the Bento boxes, you can also choose between white rice or brown rice. 

They also have noodle dishes like the Pork Jjajangmyeon (S$10.80) as well as Udon Soup (S$8.80). We reckon the udon  soup would be perfect for a rainy day. 

Photo: ZIRAP/google images

Those working in and around the Marina Bay area are truly lucky to have more lunch options available to them — and Korean food nonetheless. Zirap currently operates as a takeaway-only kiosk, which is great for those who need to grab a quick lunch. 

Need some inspiration for lunch? This new takeaway kiosk might just be what you need! 

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???? 2 Marina Boulevard, The Sail @ Marina Bay #B1-08A, Singapore 018987
???? 10.30am—6.30pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun

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