Satisfy your Korean BBQ cravings with 88 Pocha and its BBQ sets featuring premium cuts alongside authentic stews and popular street snacks

by Marcus Leong

If there’s one thing we all can’t resist, it’s a good K-BBQ meal. You might have heard of 88 Pocha — known mostly for their Korean street snacks. They’ve now launched a new KBBQ dining concept along Duxton Hill and it goes by the name 88 Pocha + BBQ serving your favourite korean street snacks alongside premium cuts of BBQ meats. 

Tanjong Pagar is dubbed as Singapore’s little Korea Town (for obvious reasons). Unlike most Korean restaurants you see in the vicinity, 88 Pocha + BBQ combines the captivating ambience of pojangmacha with the irresistible allure of Korean BBQ — the first of its kind in the neighbourhood. 

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For the BBQ menu, you get to choose between the Chicken set (S$45.80), or Iberico Pork (S$45.88). We chose the Iberico Pork set which features blast frozen Duroc pork — which typically has a more robust and slightly sweeter taste. 

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The pork set had a generous serving of pork belly and pork jowl, alongside some kimchi, chives, and watercress. Oh, and before we forget, you don’t actually have to do the cooking yourself. Instead, the staff will handle the cooking for you while you sit back and enjoy your meal — perfect for those who have zero cooking skills. 

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The bold flavours of the Duroc pork really came through. The meats were juicy and had a slight hint of sweetness amid all the savoury-smoky notes. They were also cooked to perfection — largely due to the staff’s prowess. 

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In true Korean fashion, you have to pair the meat with some kimchi, chives, watercress, garlic, a dollop of korean soybean sauce, all tightly wrapped in a lettuce. It gives you a bite of everything with hints of spiciness, and the fresh veggies help to cut the grease so you don’t feel too jelak. 

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Fun fact, with every BBQ set you order, you’ll get a complimentary Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice (U.P. S$12.88). The rice comes wrapped in an aluminium foil and is loaded with chives, and topped with some cheese. The rice was a little mushy in my opinion and it could have been a little more cheesy.   

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88 Pocha + BBQ also has a selection of Korean stews to add on to your BBQ sets, including Seafood Soft Tofu Stew (S$12.88), the classic Kimchi Stew (S$12.88), and Soy Bean Stew (S$12.88) — my favourite. The Soy Bean Stew was fragrant and very flavourful with just the right amount of spice. It also comes with a chock full of ingredients like clams, zucchini, and tofu. The stew was nice and really comforting, especially after a long day at work. 

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You can expect to find Korean street food classics like Sausage Gimbap (S$12.88), Tteokbokki (S$12.88), Corn Dogs (S$12.88), as well as unique offerings like Truffle Jjajang Ramyeon (S$12.88), and Golbaengi (Topshell) Bibim Ramyeon (S$12.88). If you’re looking to make your BBQ meal feel even more authentic, these street snacks will certainly be right up your alley. 

Of course, there’s also a selection of drinks as well as booze for you to pair with your meal. Whether you’re here for a good time or a great time, 88 Pocha + BBQ has got you covered! Besides, you can never really go wrong with K-BBQ. 

Are you craving for some meaty K BBQ?

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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