11 Zara perfumes you can get in Singapore to help you smell boujee on a budget


Perfumes are usually pretty costly, and it’s difficult to find the perfect scent that’s also lasting on our skin (unfortunately, many high-end perfumes still don’t have great lasting power). Now add affordable into the mix, and it almost seems like mission impossible. 

Or is it? 

If you’ve been on social media (especially TikTok), you probably know that Zara perfumes have been rising in popularity thanks to their great formulas that keep you smelling classy without breaking the bank. Many of them have even been lauded as dupes for some very expensive perfumes. 

To help you find your next go-to everyday scent, here are 12 Zara perfumes you can get in Singapore that doesn’t make you feel guilty for sneaking in a couple more spritzes. 

1. Ebony Wood 

Here’s a pick for both the ladies and the gents— Zara’s Ebony Wood. If you like Jo Malone’s scents, you’ll be really excited to hear that this perfume is formulated in collaboration with this British fragrance favourite. 

Photo: @liz__noelle/instagram

It’s warm, spicy and woody—you’ll feel like a classy whiskey-drinking and cigar-smoking casanova wearing this scent. 

2. Cherry Smoothie

There’s just something about cherry scents that make them smell so deep, alluring and mysterious—which is why Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume is so popular despite its hefty price tag. 

Photo: @lippyinlondon/twitter

If you’re looking to smell sweet like cherry pie but don’t want to splurge, Zara’s Cherry Smoothie is a nice option that has a similar vibe and very suitable for daily wear. It’s formulated with unique and exotic notes like cherry (of course), plum, hawthorne and more. 

3. Applejuice 

Most fruity perfumes smell tart and citrusy, but if you’d like something more crisp and fresh for everyday wear, Zara’s Applejuice will probably be a new favourite of yours. 

Photo: @gleamofhope9/instagram

Having gone viral on TikTok for smelling extremely similar to Chanel’s Chance perfume, this bright, fruity and floral scent is a youthful, affordable and still a luxe smelling option. 

4. Gardenia 

Another viral pick from TikTok, Zara’s Gardenia is said to be a very close dupe of YSL’s sexy best-selling perfume Black Opium. It smells luxuriously warm and spicy with notes of vanilla, coffee bean and orange blossom.

Photo: @kinglikemidaz/instagram

Whether you’re going for a romantic date night or partying till daybreak, you’ll still be smelling A-plus as the lasting power of this perfume is significantly stronger than most of the options (tried and tested!). 

5. Nude Bouquet 

For something dainty, floral and feminine, Zara’s Nude Bouquet is the way to go. 

Though many have coined it as the dupe for Dior’s Blooming Bouquet perfume, I think it smells really pretty in its own way. The scent is powdery and floral with notes of citrus to add a certain brightness to the fragrance. 

Photo: Confirm Good

If your aesthetic is chiffon, sundresses and all things girly, this perfume is very likely to become your new daily go-to (just as it has become mine!). 

6. Magnificently Dubai 

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re in Dubai—what do you smell? I imagine everything opulent from luxurious leather to smoky incense and fragrant spices—and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Zara’s Magnificently Dubai perfume (also a Jo Malone collaboration). 

Photo: @beautywanderlust_/instagram

For the ones who don’t really fancy the standard sweet, fruity or floral scents, definitely give this one a try.

7. Petal Lollipop 

Flirty summer scents are a must-have in sunny Singapore—and Zara’s Petal Lollipop is a really great pick. The perfume smells mainly floral, with just a hint of acidic sweetness to add a little personality without making it so sweet and pungent that it’s headache-inducing. 

Photo: @perfume_madness_/instagram

Overall, it’s a reliable floral and flirty daily scent. 

8. Golden Decade 

The notes that make up Zara’s Golden Decade kind of reminds me of an orange creamsicle with mandarin orange, florals (jasmine, orange blossom and lavender) and vanilla. 

Photo: @a_cheirinha/instagram

It’s a rather warm combination and smells really cosy—almost reminiscent of a cuddly fall evening. If you like amber-scented perfumes, you’ll really want to add this fragrance into your cart now.

9. Red Temptation 

Here’s a calling for those who fancy the finer things in life. Highly-raved on social media as a dupe for the famous Baccarat Rouge 540 (S$575), Zara’s Red Temptation perfume smells warm, earthy and woody with just a tinge of citrus to add more femininity. 

Photo: @hbhumblebeauty/instagram

If you’ve been looking to evolve into an even more sophisticated version of yourself, this scent’s for you. 

10. Lightly Bloom 

Similar to Nude Bouquet, Zara’s Lightly Bloom is a fresh and floral perfume that’s perfect for daily wear. 

What makes this scent so unique is that there’s also an aquatic note to it, which almost makes it smell like you’ve just come out of a nice floral bath after a couple of spritzes.

Photo: @fragrance_islandgh/instagram

It kind of reminds me of Chloe’s Love Story—one of the more popular upscale scents that’s also very wearable.

11. Oriental 

If you’re looking for something that’s more intense, sensual, and warm from Zara perfumes then you’re probably looking for Zara’s Oriental perfume. 

Photo: @hadassahrosie/instagram

The scent is rich and caramel-y, and at the same time floral and powdery with notes of rose, vanilla and musk. For those who want to smell as delectable as their favourite dessert without being too child-like (unlike many other similar perfumes who smell a tad too sweet), this fragrance is gonna be your best friend. 

12. Orchid

If you like Victoria Secret’s Bombshell, you’ll really like Zara’s Orchid for its citrusy and floral scent. The notes of peach in the perfume also adds a youthful and girly touch that somehow makes it smell nostalgic as well. It’s a very addictive smell and I can really see why it’s also one of Zara’s more popular fragrances. 

Photo: @thestylingace/instagram

The only downside of these Zara perfumes is that you might become addicted and start hoarding them (S$16.90 for a 50ml bottle? I need them all!). Guess you’d better start making more space on your vanity! 

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