6 most sparkly glitter palettes trending in South Korea right now that you can get in Singapore to recreate your favourite looks


They say eyes are the windows to the soul — so other than eyeliner and cosmetic lenses, what’s another way to add some razzle dazzle into those peepers? 

If you’ve been on TikTok and RED, then you probably know that adding glitters and sparkles to your look is all the rage right now — but wait, there’s so many kinds of sparkly eyeshadow palettes out there, so which one should we invest in (eyeshadow palettes aren’t the cheapest after all!). 

To help you recreate some of your favourite trending looks, we’ve scoured the Internet to find the six most gorgeous glitter palettes that are not only of great quality, but also trending in South Korea (the makeup capital!) right now — the best part is, you can get them in Singapore! 

1. UNLEASHIA Glitterpedia Eye Palette 

I would liken UNLEASHIA’s Glitterpedia Eye Palette to some sort of overachiever in the world of cosmetics — it literally checks all boxes when it comes to a glitter palette. 

Not only does it have nine different glitter shades (shimmery, sparkly, fine glitters, chunky glitters, you name it!), it’s also cruelty-free, vegan, and biodegradable. 

korean glitter palettes
Photo: 小刀/RED

And of course — the payoff is also pretty fantastic with no flakiness and perfectly twinkly finishes. No wonder it’s been trending so much on Korean SNS!

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2. 3CE Mini Multi Eye Colour Palette Glitter Bomb 

If you’ve been experimenting with Korean makeup products for a while, then you’ve probably come across 3CE’s Mini Multi Eye Colour Palette in Glitter Bomb

korean glitter palettes
Photo: 3CE Stylenanda/RED

Compact and convenient, this mini palette boasts four different shades and textures (both shimmery and glittery ones) to help complete any look that you’re going for. 

I personally see this as one of the OGs of glitter palettes (mine’s already falling apart but I’m still scraping it desperately because it’s just so trustworthy!). 

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3. ROM&ND Better Than Palette Light and Glitter Garden 

ROM&ND’s Better Than Palette palettes in Light and Glitter Garden have been taking over TikTok, and for a good reason — the variety of iridescent glitter shades are so versatile and ethereal that several Korean makeup artists have said that this is one of their holy grails! 

korean glitter palettes
Photo: DDsW/RED

Here’s a tip: this glitter palette (in fact, most glitter palettes in my experience) look better when you pat them onto your lids with your finger tips. This adheres and spreads the glitters and shimmers out more evenly to create the perfect dewy look!).

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4. Peripera All Take Mood Palette Come Glosser 

The packaging for this one is too cute not to include! But don’t worry, not only is the ruler-like packaging super innovative and adorable, it’s also practical (fits into your makeup pouch or bag like a dream) and contains great glitter shades. 

korean glitter palettes
Photo: 楠楠呀/RED

Whether you’re going for a neutral dewy glitter eye look or a vibrant and spring fairy-like vibe, Peripera’s All Take Mood Palette in Come Glosser’s different and versatile shades will make it all possible. 

Available at Watsons.

5. ETUDE HOUSE Play Colour Eyes Mini Objet Crystal Chandeliers 

Another OG when it comes to the Korean makeup game, ETUDE HOUSE’s Play Colour Eyes Mini Objet palette in Crystal Chandeliers is a simple and functional pick that can help to turn you into the most radiant person in the room with their pearly glitters and sparkles.

korean glitter palettes
Photo: 冲绳少女蔻依吴/RED

The four shades all have different textures and combinations of glitter particles, and it’s been raved that layering them on top of one another can create a luminous look unlike any other! 

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6. CLIO Pro Eye Palette Atelier in Hannam

CLIO’s Pro Eye Palette in Atelier in Hannam might not be a full-fledged glitter palette, but it still deserves an honourable mention because of the sheer sparkly-ness and goddess-like finish. The glitter shades are also one of the most popular picks on the Korean SNS radar. 

korean glitter palettes
Photo: 丁可爱/RED

Plus, it’s also a convenient all-in-one palette with your usual matte colours! 

Available at Watsons.

Ready to become the highlight of the room and dazzle everyone with those alluring eyes? Add these palettes to your cart now! 

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