You can still get 7-Eleven’s White Rabbit merch at these outlets

by Vera

Singaporeans were up in arms when 7-Eleven‘s White Rabbit merch were quickly sold out following its launch, and for very good reason. Seeing as how the White Rabbit sweet was the candy of our childhoods — and when I say our childhood, I really mean that of ’90s babies — and having the iconic white rabbit mascot printed upon everyday items sparks more joy than any amount of sugar rush that the white rabbit sweet could bring.


White Rabbit merch - stocklist

In response to disgruntled shoppers who missed the chance to get their hands on the adorable merch, 7-Eleven Singapore has done us all a favour and compiled a stock list of stores that still have stocks, as of 23 October 2021, 12pm.

A recap on the White Rabbit merch

For those who might have missed the specifics of this drop, we’ve got you.

White Rabbit Umbrella

White Rabbit merch - umbrella
Photo: @7Eleven.Singapore/facebook

White Rabbit Tote Bag

White Rabbit merch - tote bag
Photo: @7Eleven.Singapore/facebook

Giant White Rabbit Candy

Photo: @7Eleven.Singapore/facebook

So if you’re looking to snag a tote or an umbrella, the good news is that it’s still not too late. Though, ⁣move fast if you’re going to stand a chance to getting them — they’re already flying off the shelves, and flying fast.

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