Absurdities is an interactive omakase that’ll have you climbing & crawling to get your meal

by Vera

The phrase “work for your meal” has never been more apt in this context. While many restaurants will have you comfortably seated at your table for the next hour or two, Absurdities by ANDSOFORTH group marries the love of dining with a fun, interactive experience that’ll have you on all fours before the night ends.

Photo: Absurdities

There’s no telling where the night will go — aside from it being an omakase by nature, the team also has a series of multi-sensory experiences for you that’ll kick the traditional notion of fine-dining out the window, and bring on the fun-dining instead.

For one, you can expect to be constantly moving around, so don’t get comfortable in one room just yet. Dress comfortably because the team at Absurdities will have you climbing and crawling from space to space.

Photo: Absurdities

The dinner, which lasts two hours, will see seven omakase courses and two alcoholic drinks served, so you’ll be plenty full. Also, all that moving around ensures that your bites are nicely spaced out. If you want to ball it out just a bit, a wine and cocktail pairing option can be purchased at the beginning of the dinner as well.

Photo: Absurdities

Diners with dietary restrictions such as vegan, pescatarian, and gluten-free diets can state as such, and the culinary team will do their best to accommodate accordingly.

We don’t want to give all the fun away, so we’ll just leave it as that for now. The best way to understand the experience, they always say, is to try it for yourself. So book your slots here, and as they say — expect nothing, and enjoy everything.

Ticket prices go at S$169.50 per person for groups of four, and S$174 per person for groups of two.

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📍 To be disclosed upon booking
🕒 6.30pm onwards, in half an hour slots (Thu to Sat), Closed from Sun to Wed

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