5 minimum-effort apps to earn you cash and freebies since BB Loh is gone

by Natalie Lim

Alas, we’ve been ghosted by BB Loh. Ever since the launch of Huat Pals, Singaporeans have been driven into a furore of finding their one, true BB Loh. The promise of $88.80 through the relentless exchange of credits was just too good to be true, and now that it’s gone, the void in our hearts remain unfulfilled—very much like my last relationship.

But like relationship rebounds, you can find replacements. Here are 5 apps that will earn you cash and freebies, with minimal effort.

Apps that help you earn cash

Make Money

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Photo: Make Money

Make Money is exactly what it is. The app starts you off with 30 free credits for registration, and users can play recommended games or do surveys to collect more points and earn cash. 

The rewards range from 100 to 6000 credits, with most of the higher-ranked ones expecting you to beat a certain level of a game. If you’re a gamer, you’ve easily got this in the bag.

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Photo: Make Money

5000 credits will earn you $5, 10000 for $10, 20000 for $20 and 50000 for $50. The money will then be credited into your PayPal account within three working days. 

iPhone | Android

Million Steps

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Photo: Million Steps

You don’t have to be a fitspo to download this one. In Million Steps, all users would have to do is clock in one million steps to receive a $10 Amazon Giftcard

Even if you’re confined to the office chair for the entire day, you can “cheat” by boosting your steps via other actions, such as inviting your friend into the app or sharing it on social media. 

Photo: Million Steps

The daily clock in limit is 5200 steps and will take you approximately 192 days to complete. However, this limit can be stretched by watching an unlimited amount of 30-second videos, which will help to speed up the process. 

Unfortunately, Million Steps is only available on Apple devices.


Current Music

Photo: Current Music

Listening to music is a great way to pass time when commuting, but for those constantly looking out for the next big hit, you might as well get paid for doing so. 

Current Music is an app that features over 100,000 radio stations, and you earn cash by streaming them, listening to music trending lists, or simply leaving the music to play in the background.

Besides unlocking Paypal Gift Cards, tech items such as earphones and Bluetooth watches are also available for redemption. 

iPhone | Android


Photo: Foap

If you’re an avid photographer, Foap is for you. The app allows you to sell your photos to brands and individuals around the world or, go on specific missions to sell photos to brands like Bank of America or Pepsi. You’ll then be able to cash out your earnings through PayPal.

iPhone | Android


Photo: HealthyWage

Some of our new year’s resolutions include weight loss, and the HealthyWage app will be the ultimate motivation for you to reach your goal.

The fitness app allows users to participate in a weight loss challenge as a team or individually to earn a cash prize. This is done by betting your money to complete a weight loss challenge within a set time. 

If you win, you’ll get more than what you’ve bet. But if you don’t, you lose everything. Cash prizes differ by how much weight and money you’re betting on. To ensure there’s no cheating, “referees” from the app will be assigned to you to check your progress.

iPhone | Android

BONUS: Toreba

Photo: Toreba

Toreba isn’t an app that’ll earn you cash, but every new user is rewarded with 5 free credits that may win you a prize.

The prize-catcher app connects you to a real-time claw machine in Japan, and you’re to control its movement via your phone. If you’ve managed to snag a toy, it’ll be shipped to your address for free, with no additional costs.

iPhone | Android

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