Baristart Coffee launches new breakfast menu with mentaiko eggs benedict, croque monsieur & more in Tanjong Pagar

by Christabel Tan

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Baristart Coffee?

Cream puffs and lattes with Hokkaido milk, probably. Well, yes, but what about all-day breakfast? It’s time to make a trip to Tanjong Pagar, as the popular cafe from Hokkaido, Japan has released a new lineup of breakfast mainstays exclusive to their Tras Street outlet.

Delectable breakfast offerings

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What is brunch without the classic Eggs Benedicts (S$22.80)? This version takes it up a notch with poached eggs, tarragon hollandaise sauce, avocado salsa, and parma ham on sourdough. It’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s IG-worthy.

All but one of their breakfast items come with vine cherry tomatoes, romanesco, and a garden salad with karashi dressing. Perfectly fine, taste-wise, if not a little awkwardly arranged.

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If you love mentaiko (who doesn’t?), you’ll fall hard for this eggs benedict with a Japanese twist — the Roku Kinoko (S$22.80), mushrooms sauteed with hijiki and homemade sweet sauce, parma ham, and poached eggs with torched mentaiko mayo. All this umami goodness is served atop toasted sourdough spread with seaweed butter.

Everyone at the table came to a unanimous decision when asked about their favourite dish. We have a winner!

baristart coffee
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The French-inspired Croque Monsieur (S$24.80) is the epitome of decadence. You get a croissant layered with kurobuta ham and bechamel sauce that’s been infused with parsnip and Hokkaido milk (but of course!), topped with a blend of gruyere, cheddar, and honey mustard. Have one bite too much, and you’re off to jelak central.

If eggs are a must, go for the Croque Madame (S$26.80). It’s exactly the same, but with the added bonus of a sunny side-up.

New menu additions

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All-day breakfast aside, Baristart Coffee has expanded its menu with two new additions.

The healthier option is available at both outlets — Smoked Duck Salad (S$17.80) with cherry tomatoes, US asparagus, and a choice of raspberry Pommery mustard or karashi dressing.

baristart coffee
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The hefty Baristart Wagyu Burger (S$26.80) is exclusive to Tras Street. A hand-shaped wagyu patty is coated in breadcrumbs, deep-fried, and topped with smoked cheddar and shio kombu. Then comes baby spinach, sliced tomato, wholegrain mustard mayo, and finally, buns slathered in that addictive seaweed butter.

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This unique creation is served with crispy fries, red mizuna with raspberry Pommery mustard dressing & pickled ama rakkyo with wasabi mayo dip. Even though I was stuffed, this was a feast for the senses. One thing for sure: it’s definitely not a burger you can eat with your hands.

baristart coffee
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Is it possible to leave Baristart Coffee without ordering a cone or cup of Milk Softcream (S$6 for one, S$10 for two)? I think not. You can taste the premium Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk in its full (cream) glory — it will leave you in a state of dairy-induced delight. And of course, picking up a signature Cream Puff (S$7 for one) to go is a must.

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