10 Online Tools To Help Boost Your Resume Game

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One of the hardest parts of applying for a job would be writing an impressive resume. There’s just so much to do, and even if you do have a resume, you may have forgotten to update it. But before you start throwing your hands up, check out these 10 fun and (mostly) free online tools that can help to ease the resume-making process. From interactive websites to free resume generators, these tools may be just what you need to land that job!

1. Website Portfolio or Wix Resume

Source: Wix

No coding or web design experience is required to use Wix – the interface is simple and idiot-proof, allowing anyone to build a website resume for free. Choose from the prebuilt themes or start with a blank canvas, then add in text, photos, videos and links before sharing the website on your socials for recruiters to find!

For those of us who often forget to click “save” before exiting, you’ll appreciate Wix’s auto-save button and “restore” function which automatically creates backup points of your site. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your progress or accidentally deleting important points.

Price: Free fo to use general templates, premium plans from US$4.50/ month to connect your own domain

2. Cake Resume

Source: Cake Resume

Forget the days when you had to manually type out your professional skills and experience on a Word document – with Cake Resume, you can build a stylish resume with just a few clicks.

After answering some questions regarding your area of expertise and the roles you are interested in, you can start dragging and dropping different images, shapes, or dividers into position and even include links to your work or social media. Once done, you can share the finished document as a web page or save it as a PDF.

Price: Free; from US$8/ month for access to advanced layout options and resume analytics tracking

3. EasyPrompter Video Resume

Source: Zapier

Video resumes aren’t common, which is why making one would surely help you stand out from the rest! Not all of us are gifted with superb public speaking abilities, and while writing a resume is relatively easy, having to introduce yourself while the camera is on may be intimidating for the camera shy.

To prevent getting tongue tied, try EasyPrompter – a virtual teleprompter tool that allows you to type in your script and have it roll while you’re recording. You can even add visual indicators and adjust the scrolling speed to match your speaking cadence.

Once the video is done, you can simply publish it onto YouTube.

Price: Free; from US$9.99/ month for pro features to run EasyPrompter offline and save unlimited scripts

4. LinkedIn PDF Resume

Source: Online CV

If you’re a job seeker, chances are that you already have a LinkedIn account. If your LinkedIn profile is updated, good for you! Now you can skip the hassle of building a resume by just downloading a PDF of your LinkedIn profile. This feature can be found at the dropdown menu when you click the “More” button below your profile description.

The LinkedIn resume is pretty simple, but it’s a great option for those of us who need a last-minute resume and don’t have time to create one from scratch!

5. Venngage Interactive Infographic Resume

Source: Zapier

Here’s another reason why it’s good to have a LinkedIn account! By linking it with Venngage, you can create an infographic resume in minutes with a visual overview highlighting your experience, education, skills and recommendations.

Venngage is pretty interactive too – when you hover over any of the entries on the career timeline, a text bubble will pop up showing detailed descriptions of your job responsibilities.

Price: Free version and free trial available; paid version from US$19/ month

6. Resume Templates on Template.net

Source: Template.net

Template.net is basically a resume template heaven where you can download tons of designs for free. Not only are the templates editable on Microsoft Office, they are also compatible with Adobe, Corel, Wordpress and Drupal.

With a plethora of templates available on their site, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. To narrow down the options, you can click on the 4 different categories – templates, business, professions, and general to search for one that best suits your identity and style!

Price: Free; paid version from US$8/ month for unlimited templates and unlimited downloads

7. CV review with Resume Worded

Source: Resume Worded

While there are numerous resume consultation services out there, most can be pricey and even require several sessions before everything is finalised. Thanks to Resume Worded, you can now generate tailored feedback on your resume in just 30 seconds – for free!

After creating an account, all you need to do is upload your resume and wait for your “resume score”. Once generated, you will be given suggested bullets for your resume along with recommended action verbs and metrics. Simple, quick, and efficient!

Price: Free; from US$49/ month for access to full resume analysis and other locked features

8. CV Engineer

Source: CV Engineer

With CV Engineer, you don’t even need a laptop to build a resume. Simply whip out your phone and download the app for iOS or Android to get started, then fill in your information for the system to put together. Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, you can download the resume to your Google Drive or send it directly to your interviewer via email attachment.

Unlike most resume tools, CV Engineer is completely free but you can choose to tip the developers from US$2.50 – especially if you end up landing the job!

Price: Free

9. Brand Logo with Fiverr

Source: Fiverr

If you’d like, you can even create a fun logo for yourself to showcase your personal style and branding! And no, you won’t need to possess any fancy photoshop skills – just head over to Fiverr and key in the industry you’re in as well as your style preference. Whether you identify as minimalist, fun or classy, Fiverr will instantly create a logo for you or your brand based on the wide selection of logo designs made by Fiverr designers!

Price: Free

10. 123PassportPhoto

Source: 123PassportPhoto

If you require a professional looking photo for your resume but don’t have the time to get one taken, don’t worry – scroll through your phone for the most glam photo you’ve taken. If you can’t find any, you can even take a selfie.

After snapping that perfect shot, upload the picture onto 123PassportPhoto to get the background removed and the image cropped into a 4×6 passport photo. You do have to pay a small fee for it to be downloaded, but it is worth the efficiency and convenience!

Price: S$5.98

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