Burger King’s Belgian chocolate ice cream returns along with chocolate Coke float for a chocolatey overdose

by Evan Mua
burger king belgian chocolate ice cream

You can’t go wrong with chocolate ice cream, it’s a classic that no one will say no to. But sometimes, you might find it a bit too sweet and you wish it was darker. Luckily for us, Burger King has brought back their Belgian Chocolate ice creams and desserts for a deeper chocolatey oomph.

This is an interesting European-influenced contrast by Burger King compared to McDonald’s decision to go a more local route with their brown sugar milk tea ice cream.

burger king belgian chocolate ice cream
Photo: Burger King Singapore

It will be available at all Burger King stores islandwide but unfortunately, it won’t be on delivery platforms just yet. That remains to be seen, but ice cream is better eaten fresh anyways.

While they haven’t been doing too hot with chocolate specials — Chocolate Whopper ain’t it, king — Burger King’s range of dark Belgian Chocolate ice cream will definitely appease the chocolate aficionados. It did well last year, why not bring it back, right?

burger king belgian chocolate ice cream
Photo: Burger King Singapore

For maximum chocolatey decadence, get your hands on their Belgian Chocolate Sundae (S$2.50). Not only do you get the Belgian Chocolate ice cream’s richness but they double down on it with chocolate fudge to send you to chocolate heaven.

Burger King also has their Belgian Chocolate in a Cone (S$1.50) if you prefer some crunchy texture in your ice creams. But if you prefer your chocolate to not be in ice cream form, you can also indulge in the flowy Chocolate Pie for S$1.80.

burger king belgian chocolate ice cream
Photo: @bigfathippos/instagram

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit bored of the same old stuff, you can try their very unique Coco Coke Float (S$2.90). Instead of the commonly used vanilla ice cream, Burger King adds their Belgian Chocolate into it for a chocolatey dose of coke.

While Chocolate Coke sounds potentially weird, it’s been done before but hey, try it for yourself. This seems pretty tame compared to BK experimenting with hot fries added into hot fudge sundaes, all things considered.

Photo: Burger King Singapore

Plus another classic chocolate snack has also returned — our favourite Hershey’s Sundae Pie. To add to that, you can also get a cuppa of piping Hot Chocolate. Holy smokes, that’s a lot of chocolate goodies!

So if you’re a chocolate lover, Burger King might be where you wanna head to for your next fast food cheat day.

Burger King Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream
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???? All Burger King outlets islandwide, currently unavailable on delivery platforms

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