Coffee and chocolate Coke flown in from HK, now on Singapore 7-Eleven shelves

by Evan Mua
coffee chocolate coke batch blends

The “Singapore-Hong Kong air bubble” has been in the works but every time we get close, something happens and it falls apart. If you’re tired of waiting for a plane ticket, an HK-imported Coffee and Chocolate Coke just hit 7-Eleven shelves here.

While it’s not quite dim sum or HK roast meat, a limited-edition cans of Coke that’s made in HK sounds intriuging. Coffee and chocolate with coke while Singapore is on lockdown?

Yes, please. Who can resist a mix of coffee and Coca Cola — the best of both worlds. And hopefully it works.

coffee and chocolate coke singapore
Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

If mochas aren’t your thing, maybe the Coffee & Caramel Coke will be more your speed. Caramel Latte in Coke? Sounds like a killer combo that many would want to try

Sure, we have had many special coke flavours in Singapore but nothing that’s sounded as interesting. At least not since Vanilla Coke was introduced many years back, and that’s pretty… vanilla.

The Coffee & Chocolate Coke and Coffee & Caramel Coke are part of a collection called Coca-Cola Batch Blends. They are made using real coffee beans sourced from Brazil for a nice caffeinated punch.

coffee and chocolate coke singapore

That said, the caffeinate content inside each can isn’t crazy high. In fact, it’s meant to be enjoyed as a luxe after-work drink for adults — or even as an ingredient for cocktails.

This collection of special coke flavours are imported from Hong Kong, but they were first released in Australia in 2018.

Both new drinks are available in 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore as a limited time offer, while stocks last.

Photo: 7-Eleven Singapore

While Coffee and Chocolate in Coke is a cool, sexy idea, it’s not the first time the R&D team has put coffee in Coke.

There’s a rather interesting Coca-Cola Plus Coffee that contained double the amount of caffeine of a normal Coke can, but slightly lower than a standard cuppa. It was brought into Singapore too but has since vanished from the shelves.

We’d be very interested to see how this new Coffee and Chocolate Coke imported from HK stacks up against the more-caffeinated and simpler version.

If you’re still craving a taste of Hong Kong, check out Champion Bolo Bun for authentic HK Bolo made with a secret Cha Chaan Teng recipe.

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