Cameron Highlands Flora Park has a stunning sea of flowers, hobbit house and is the perfect cold weather getaway near Singapore

by Dawn Pillay
cameron highlands flora park

With flower fields like these, who needs to go to the Netherlands, Japan or even Thailand just to get lost in a beautiful sea of flowers? If you’re looking for a nice chilly and well-deserved escape, head up into the cool highlands at Cameron Highlands Flora Park in Malaysia.

cameron highlands flora park
Photos: @nienie_8677 and @phueyee/instagram

It’s the closest sea of flowers we have to us, and it’s absolutely perfect that we get to enjoy cosy sweater weather there too – outside of sunny Singapore.

Photos: @mochi.vonn and @xiiaowan0720/instagram

Opened in 2021, this picturesque flora park offers endless photo ops, with different parts of the park to explore. Depending on when you visit and what’s in season at the time, you’ll get to pose against a backdrop of gorgeous purple fleurs (from October to December 2022!), take in sweeping views of pink flowers all around, or gaze out into cheerful sunflowers.

cameron highlands flora park
Photos: @penny_tan0921/instagram

And if you’re in the mood, you can even opt to have a picnic amidst the blooms so you can savour your bites while taking in the grand views. But that’s not all.

Photo: @ch_flora_park/instagram

They have a Hobbit House here – much like the one in Khao Yai, Thailand – and afternoon tea at the Flora Hobbit House (two hours from S$115.25 / RM388 for two people) is available for those looking for a whimsical experience.

cameron highlands flora park
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Especially with Christmas fast approaching, you don’t need to wistfully wish for a sparkling white Christmas filled with snowflakes and hot cocoa… When you can easily head up into Cameron Highlands to enjoy the cold almost wintry temperatures – not to mention the lovely views providing a stunning setting for your own version of the perfect Hallmark Christmas!

Photos: @jake_cheah and @crxsxxl.313/instagram

Cameron Highlands Flora Park
Instagram | Website
📍 lot 191, 39010 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
🕒 9.30am – 7pm (Mon to Sun) 
💵 S$14.85/RM50 per adult, free for kids under 12

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