Singapore Airlines sells Junior Cabin Crew Sarong Kebaya for S$75

by Natalie Lim

Our childhood aspirations all stemmed from somewhere. Some of us dreamed of becoming a doctor after a clinic’s visit, some of us yearned to be part of the police force to fight bad guys after watching an action movie, while some of us stepped on a plane for the very first time and decided that being an air stewardess was our calling.

And if your little one’s ambition is to soar the skies, Singapore Airlines has released a Junior Cabin Crew Sarong Kebaya uniform on KrisShop.

Singapore Airlines Junior kebaya 1
Photo: KrisShop

The junior kebaya is similar to the uniform worn by Singapore Airline’s air stewardess when onboard flights. It features a two-piece batik fabric, decked in colourful motifs of blue, brown, red and green. 

If you ask us, there’s no need to wait for special events or Halloween just to cosplay your kid. The light fabric makes it comfortable to wear, plus, it isn’t body-hugging, so children are still able to run around. Besides, they’ll look utterly adorable.

Singapore Airlines Junior kebaya 2
Photo: KrisShop

The kebaya comes in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, and the skirt sports an elastic waistband as well. A size chart is also available for reference, just in case you’re unsure. It is currently priced at S$75 or, redeemable with 9,375 KrisFlyer miles.

The junior kebaya only comes in blue, but the actual Singapore Airlines cabin crew uniform actually has four colours. Blue is worn by flight stewardess, green for leading stewardess, red for chief stewardesses and purple for in-flight supervisors.

Perhaps, this is a reminder that we can always dream big, but we’ll have to work hard for it. 

The Singapore girl kebaya came a long way. Originating from 1968, the kebaya was designed by Pierre Balmain, French fashion designer and founder of the Balmain brand. The batik print for the uniform is perceived to assert Malayan identity and hospitality.

Due to popular demand, the Junior Cabin Crew Sarong Kebaya is currently out of stock. However, shoppers can leave their email on the listing to get notified once it comes back in stock. 

For more information on the Singapore Airlines junior kebaya, click here.

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