Croissand Cafe has hearty sandwiches with fillings like truffle wagyu and fluffy XL souffle pancakes for under S$10

by Christabel Tan

We may be a little more budget-conscious this 2024, but it doesn’t hurt to treat ourselves to the occasional weekend of cafe-hopping.

Still, it’s always nice to find quality cafe fare that doesn’t break the bank.

croissand cafe
Photo: Croissand Cafe

One such spot is Croissand Cafe, a relatively hidden cafe in City Gate specialising in good ol’ croissant sandwiches (hence the name “Croissand”), pastries, and desserts, most of which are priced under S$10.

Photo: @croissand_/instagram

Not only do the croissant sandwiches make for a substantial meal, but they also come with fairly unique fillings that go beyond the usual eggs and ham.

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Think Smoky Chicken Masala (S$7), Seafood Otah Mayo (S$8), and even Truffle Caviar Wagyu Minced Beef (S$9), which sees yakiniku-style wagyu brisket with lettuce, tomato, emmental cheese, a fried egg, and truffle “caviar” pearls.

Perfect for those who want to feel fancy sans the splurge.

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Bulk it up even more with fusion pasta dishes, such as the Japanese Inspired Carbonara Fettuccine (S$16), a creamy salted egg pasta with prawns, bacon, bonito flakes, and a soft 63 degree egg.

Alternatively, the Local Inspired XO Sauce Pork Capellini (S$16) is the cafe’s take on mee pok, featuring Japanese cha shu, minced pork, pork balls, and portobello mushrooms.

Photo: @croissand_/instagram

If you’ve got a sweet(er) tooth, take your pick from the selection of dessert-esque Overnight Oats, or indulge in Buttermilk Waffles with toppings like Kaya & Gula Melaka Drizzle (S$8) or Hot Chocolate Sauce & Berries (S$8).

croissand cafe
Photo: Lau Kok Keong/google images

The one dessert, however, that has been making rounds on social media is the Fluffy Castella Pancake w Maple Syrup & Butter (S$7), a soft and jiggly Japanese souffle pancake served with maple syrup, icing sugar, and a generous pat of butter that can easily feed two or more.

croissand cafe
Photo: Marilyn Tan/google images

You are highly encouraged to fork out an additional S$3 for a single scoop of gelato to pair with your waffles or pancake — might as well go all out since you’re already treating yourself.

Choose from comforting flavours like Strawberry and Cream, Hokey Pokey Caramel, and Matcha Green Tea (U.P. from S$5), depending on what you’re in the mood for that day.

croissand cafe
Photo: @croissand_/instagram

Will you be swinging down for a hearty yet wallet-friendly brunch at Croissand Cafe? I know I will, just for that enticing-looking souffle pancake.

Croissand Cafe
📍 371 Beach Road, City Gate #01-14, Singapore 199597
🕒 8am–8pm (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed

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