Daiyusan Sushi Bar is a hidden gem serving flavourful aged sashimi, Omakase & more

by Jesslyn Lye

Did you know that accordingly, the best sashimi is actually fish that’s been dry-aged to bring out a deeper umami flavour? It’s also a common misconception that the best sashimi comes from fish that’s just been freshly caught from the sea. In reality, fish served too soon after the catch tend to have a tough texture and very little taste. Whereas dry-aged sashimi is smoother to taste with more intense flavours — though few restaurants in Singapore serve this. 

daiyusan sushi bar
Photos: @daiyusansg, @jul1anler/instagram

An industrial area is one of the last places you’d expect to find this Japanese delicacy of dry-aged sashimi, but if you’d love to try it for the first time… That’s exactly where Daiyusan Sushi Bar is located. Here, you’ll find finely aged sashimi, sushi, and even Omakase dining experiences, all within a comfortable space beautifully decorated with traditional Japanese umbrellas.

Photos: @daiyusansg/instagram

To sample the best of their aged sashimi, get the Sashimi Premium Platter, which will give you the chef’s selection of the restaurant’s best sashimi. A platter for two people will cost you S$50 to S$100+, though the restaurant also has platters for bigger groups. 

If you have specific preferences for sashimi, you can also opt for a customised platter — just drop the restaurant a message on Whatsapp beforehand.

daiyusan sushi bar
Photos: @daiyusansg/instagram

Another way to enjoy the restaurant’s dry-aged sashimi is through their three Omakase experiences (S$69+, S$150+, S$180+), which will also allow you to sample other appetisers, dishes, and desserts along with the chef’s selection of seasonal sushi and sashimi. 

If you prefer to enjoy your sashimi as part of a rice bowl, go for the Kaisen Don (S$39.90), which comes topped with a variety of top-quality dry-aged sashimi. Alternatively, the Deluxe Chirashi Zushi (S$46.90) comes with assorted fish of the day, flavoured sushi rice with ikura, uni, Russian caviar, and avocado.

Photos: @daiyusansg/instagram

With a cosy, beautiful space and sashimi of the highest quality, Daiyusan Sushi Bar is a must-visit for anyone who loves Japanese food.

Daiyusan Sushi Bar
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???? 55 Kim Chuan Drive, Precise Tree, #02-03 Singapore 537098
???? 11.30am – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm (Tue to Sun)

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